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Yellow Dog Tavern

Winnipeg has a few good pubs and taverns around. The King’s Head is probably the best known. There’s Maw’s Garage, Brogue and there are also several Tavern United locations around town. I’m sure there are more small places that I don’t know about. One place that’s in the heart of downtown that fits the bill, is the Yellow Dog Tavern on Donald Street.

Yellow Dog coaster
A branded coaster from Yellow Dog Tavern, in case you forget where you are.

The Yellow Dog Tavern is one of those places that I’ve visited periodically in the past, but it had been some time since my last visit. My previous visits have been in groups, usually involving various church leaders. The tavern has plenty of room to be able to accommodate large groups. Like many pubs/taverns it’s got a substantial dining area and a large bar area to meet in as well.

Yellow Dog Tavern at Dinnertime:

For a single diner, there are also several options for seating. The first of my two most recent visits I sat by the window. This gave me a view of the restaurant as well as the street. The second time I sat along the wall, and watched the TV carrying sports highlights. I was also sitting across from the piano, but alas, unlike Portage Place, no one was playing it.
The Yellow Dog has it’s menu, along with daily specials from Monday to Friday. My first time around I was there on the Friday and went with the special which was their Red Coconut Chicken Curry served on Rice with Naan Bread. I’m a big curry fan, so this was an easy choice for me to make. The chicken was tender and the curry had a bit of bite to it, even though it was advertised as not too spicy.

Yellow Dog Chicken Curry.
My curry chicken dinner at Yellow Dog.

The second time I wanted something a little more on the mild side. This time around I went for the Beef & Guinness Stew with a side of Garlic Bread. The beef in the stew was quite tender, and there was plenty throughout. I also liked the gravy as the distinctive Guinness flavour was actually noticeable.
Both times I went I found the service to be very good. My order was taken promptly, my server checked on whether or not I needed anything else, and my water was refilled without me needing to request it.
The Yellow Dog Tavern is just a block or two down the road from the Burton Cummings Theatre, so it’s a good pre-show option. It’s also not that far away from the MTS centre, for any Jets and now Moose Fans looking for a meal before the game.
They have a good selection of beer and you have to like any place that has a sandwich board that reads “Budweiser always out of stock.
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