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Winter Garden Restaurant 2211 McPhillips St

Winter Garden Restaurant is a Chinese food restaurant on McPhillips Street, not far from Seven Oaks hospital.

Hot and Sour Soup
A bowl of hot and sour soup. There is a load of shrimp in this bowl.
Art Glass Entryway beautifies Persi...
Art Glass Entryway beautifies Persian Room Restaurant

Last year, with everything in lockdown, there was no family Christmas dinner. So, I wanted to find some way to enjoy a Christmas feast. When the lockdown cancelled Thanksgiving and birthday plans for me, I ordered in a feast from India Palace. Despite the lack of usual Christmas get togethers, most restaurants were stilled closed, even for take out. So, I did a little searching on line, and de3cided to order in from Winter Garden Chinese Restaurant

Christmas Choices

I figured if I was going to order in a Christmas feast, that I’d make sure I’d have some leftovers to enjoy on Boxing Day. I ordered four items. A Hot and Sour Soup, Crispy Wontons, Mongolian Beef, and egg rolls.

Winter Garden Mongolian Beef
Spicy Mongolian Beef.

The Hot and Sour soup, picture at top of post, was the standout item for me. For one thing, I was quite surprised by the number of shrimp in the dish. If you were sharing this there would be enough to share between four people, allowing each person to get three or four shrimp..

Another element of the Winter Garden hot and sour soup I really liked was the heat. I find a lot of hot and sour soups emphasize the hot over the sour. In this case the soup came with a good amount of heat to it.

The Mongolian Beef is also quite spicy. There is plenty of gravy with the dish, along with the beef being both tender with a bit of chewiness to it. I like the spring rolls. Crispy and well filled. Meanwhile the wontons had a good snap to them, along with a rich dipping sauce.

All in all, the food from Winter Garden made for a delicious Christmas feast.

Dining in at Winter Garden

I was on vacation mid-July to mid-August, and one of the things I did with my time is re-visit restaurants I had visited once. Winter Garden was on that list. It turned out to quite convenient to get to. It’s simply a matter of a short walk to Arlington and then getting a bus out to the restaurant.

Winter Garden is located in and among a group of retail businesses, alongside a building containing professional offices. 

When I walked in the first thing I notice is the large number of booths. All along one wall is a series of booths designed to hold four people each. On the other wall are a series of tables and chairs, also designed for four people, and down the middle there are several larger round tables. 

Like most restaurants, even after the easing of restrictions there aren’t a lot of people dining in. There is however, a fairly steady stream of people making pickups. 

Winter Garden Wonton Soup
The wontons were few, but quite sizable.

Dine- in Foods

I almost did a repeat and placed an order for spring rolls. As it turned out, they happened to be out of spring rolls that day. Instead, I tried the egg roll. I ordered wonton soup, Singapore Style Curry Vermicelli(no photo), and Chicken with Mixed Vegetables.

Chicken with Mixed Vegetables
A platter of chicken and mixed vegetables.

The egg roll is vegetarian and comes stuffed with the vegetable combination. The Singapore noodles were good, but lack the spicy kick of others that I have tried. The wonton soup only contains three wontons, but each is substantial. There is both a large dumpling and plenty of filling inside the dumpling as well. I also enjoyed some Green Tea for my beverage.

Winter Garden tea pot
A nice looking pot filled with green tea.

On thing about Winter Garden, is that the menu is really substantial. I have a feeling I will need to go back again in the future, and search out some of the more obscure dishes, to give them a try. If you enjoy Chinese food, Winter Garden will leave you feeling satisfied. 

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