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Winnipeg Hot Sauces for Self-Isolation

I’ve been wanting to do this post on Winnipeg Hot Sauces for several weeks. However, with the outbreak of Covid-19 and the upheaval that has brought, it’s been sitting on the back burner for a little while. Most of my time has been spent on videos for the Holy Trinity website

After spending my days doing that, I haven’t had a lot of motivation to blog. Now, most of those videos are behind me, and I’m hoping to get back into posting.

Winnipeg Hot Sauces set out for the taste test.
All eight Winnipeg Hot Sauces, laid out for the taste test.

In addition to this post, I’ve created a video of me doing the actual tasting on all of these hot sauces. 

I’m going to start by saying a little bit about each of the Winnipeg Hot Sauces. I’m listing them in no particular order. After I’ve given the descriptions, I’ll put up three lists. First, the spiciest sauce, Second, the most flavourful sauce. Third, My overall ranking. 

To taste test them, I tried each of them on a piece of the Wondrous bread from Hildegard’s Bakery. Hildegard’s is one of my favourite places. They are open for pickup and delivery. This will be a list that continues to grow as I come across more Winnipeg Hot Sauces.

Additional note: Any of these are still hotter than the Spice-face offerings at McDonald’s.

Winnipeg Hot Sauces

Cold Mike’s Hot Sauce

I’m adding this one in January 2021. It comes from Magic Bird Fried Chicken, which is located in The Handsome Daughter. This one is quite flavourful, and contains a good bit of heat. Although, the heat is mainly of the mouth burn variety.

Winnipeg Hot Sauces, Cold Mikes Hot sauce
Cold Mikes Hot Sauce.

1882 Blueberry Habanero Sauce

This is a locally made hot sauce that I found at the downtown Winnipeg Farmers Market. It has a good blueberry flavour to it. It also contains bits of blueberry along with the liquid in the sauce. The heat is pretty good, but not overwhelming.

Winnipeg Hot Sauces: 1882, Blueberry Ghost Pepper, Jayas Preserves: Spicy Carrot Pickle, Dancing Noodle: Chili Sauce.

Jaya’s Spicy Carrot Pickle

I found this one when I attended this year’s addition of LoveLocalMB. This is not a typical hot sauce, but it would serve as a dish topper in much the same way. It also would make a great dip to serve with chips or vegetables.

Dancing Noodle Chili Sauce

This is the third one in the picture above. It’s got a good deal of sneaky heat to it. Makes a great addition to homemade soups.  

East India Company Tikka Masala

I only realized that they made several hot sauces after I had reviewed the restaurant. This one has great flavour to it, and the heat will sneak up on you as you eat it. 

Famena’s Extra-Spicy Hot Sauce

This is one spicy hot sauce. When I reviewed the restaurant, I really enjoyed the hot sauce they served with their dinners. When I went looking to buy a bottle of the sauce, I discovered they sold spicy and extra-spicy hot sauce. Naturally I bought the extra-spicy. How did that work out? Well, I edited out two and a quarter minutes from the video above. Time that was simply me recovering from trying the sauce. 

Fat Iguana Chefs Kitchen Habanero Lemonade

Fat Iguana Chef Kitchen is a vendor that is frequently at the Downtown Biz Farmers Market. His main stock in trade is what I call semi-meal kits. They contain a lot of the dry ingredients you need for a meal, but you will most likely have to pick up the meat and vegetables to add to them. There is a decent lemon flavour here, but I didn’t find much heat.

Winnipeg Hot Sauce with Carolina Reaper
This sauce is much hotter and even more flavourful.

I recently added the Carolina Reaper Smoked Ancho hot sauce into my mix. This is a new one from Fat Iguana, and will move them quite a bit further up the rankings. Could still use more heat, but the flavour is fantastic. 

Island Fusion Fire Fete

Island Fusion, One of my favourite food trucks, isn’t operating this summer due to Covid-19. However you can still order some of their products online. I would highly recommend their Fire Fete hot sauce. It has a sneaky kind of heat that builds up on you and leaves you with a pleasant buzz in the mouth after you eat it.

Winnipeg Hot sauce from Island Fusion
Fire Fete, a pleasant, sneaky, hot sauce from Island Fusion.

Tasty Heat’s Ghost Habanero Fruit Whisky Sauce

This is a sauce I have tried on two or three occasions in the past. I have always found it to be good and spicy and has a pretty good flavour as well.

Danny’s Whole Hog Cilantro & Lime

I’ve tried several items from Danny’s in the past. I really enjoy his products and this one is no different. It’s a very flavourful hot sauce that could be quite nicely added to a salsa. The only thing is, don’t expect it to bring much in the way of heat. 

Sweet Baby Jaybles Hot Sauce

The most recent of my Winnipeg Hot Sauces. You’ll need to make a couple of clicks to get through to this one on the King’s Head Website. I find that I really like the flavour but the sweet tends to out weigh the heat. 

Ranking the Sauces


  • 1.) Famena’s
  • 2.) Jaya’s
  • 3.) Tasty’s Heat
  • 4.) Dancing Noodle
  • 5.) Island Heat
  • 6.) Fat Iguana
  • 7.) Cold Mike’s Hot Sauce
  • 8.) 1882
  • 9.) Jaybles
  • 10.) East India
  • 11.) Danny’s Whole Hog


  • 1.) Jaya’s
  • 2.) East India
  • 3.) Jaybles
  • 4) Fat Iguana
  • 5.) Island Fusion
  • 6.) Cold Mike’s Hot Sauce
  • 7.) Famena’s
  • 8.) Danny’s
  • 9.) 1882
  • 10.) Tasty’s Heat
  • 11.) Dancing Noodle


  • 1.) Famena’s. Although Jaya’s scored a 1 and 2 versus Famena’s 1 and 5, the heat in Famena’s is so off the charts that it had to go number 1 overall.
  • 2.) Jaya’s
  • 3.) Island Fusion
  • 4.) East India
  • 5.) Fat Iguana
  • 6.) Cold Mike’s Hot Sauce
  • 7.) Jaybles
  • 8.) 1882
  • 9.) Tasty’s Heat
  • 10.) Danny’s
  • 11.) Dancing Noodle

Now, just as in the butter tart post, the fact that someone is one and someone is eight, doesn’t mean that 1 is great and 10 is bad. This is simply a list based on my preferences. Any of these will give a nice spot of spice to your self-isolation meals.

As always, remember to wash your hands, practice physical distancing, and shop local whenever possible.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.