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Weekend Food Wanderings

Hopefully there will be a return to this sort of weekend in the near future.

Vikings luxury buffet at SM Marikin...
Vikings luxury buffet at SM Marikina | One of the biggest buffet | Michael's Hut

This past weekend was a busy one on the food front. It started with visiting the ManyFest Food Truck Wars and ended with a games night at St. Philip’s filled with chips, licorice, and pakora. In between the weekend included more Food Trucks, and a 50th anniversary BBQ at Church of the Way.

I’m calling this post Weekend Food Wanderings because the weekend involved a whole lot of walking. This was by design because with tall the calories I was taking in I figured I should put in a little extra effort to walk some of them off.

Weekend Wrap-up

I started my weekend in the early afternoon. I had already had lunch, but still had enough room to stop at one of the trucks. I decided on the Beef Brisket from BBK. BBK is the upscale partner truck to Extreme Fries. In ordering I went with the plain sandwich and didn’t add any condiments. The brisket itself was tender and fatty in a very good way.

BBK brisket
A very good brisket from BBK food truck. Doesn’t need any embellishment, it’s so good.

After work I headed back down for supper at ManyFest. One of the new things this year is that Fools & Horses Coffee and Wine was open during the evenings. There’s not a lot of good coffee on the street so being able to pop into Fools & Horses (my favourite hangout space) greatly improved the weekend.

Fools & Horses takeout to enjoy on the weekend.
A little take-out coffee from Fools and Horses makes the weekend go better.

One addition to ManyFest was the presence of The Merchant Kitchen in one of the beer tents. They offered sampler plates of three menu items. I wish there was more of this at FoodTruck Wars, because neither my wallet or my physical well-being can handle trying more than a handful of trucks. Over the course of the weekend I tried all three of the samples on offer and they were all delicious.

My supper on Friday was from R U Caribbean Me? This is one of the newest trucks to hit Winnipeg streets. Advertising themselves as serving authentic Caribbean food, I decided I would give the Jerk Chicken meal a try. My time at Holy Trinity having exposed me to a fair bit of authentic Caribbean cuisine, I’d say they’ve hit the mark. I’ll have a full review of the truck in a couple of days.

I was in the mood for dessert, so I finished off my day with a couple of cinnamon crepes from Barbie & Gabi’s Specialteez.

Saturday lunch I decided I was going to make sure I got a Longadog from Hot Rod’s Filipino Grill. This juicy sausage really hit the spot. Like R U Caribbean Me? I’ll have a full review later.

Saturday evening was a time to visit Church of the Way where they were holding a community BBQ celebrating their 50th anniversary. Given all that I had eaten during the day I limited my intake, but I really enjoyed the slow-roasted beef sandwich that I had. The highlight of the evening was an art show that featured the art work of 17 people who have been part of the congregation over the 50 years.

Sunday lunch took place at ManyFest as well. I paid a repeat visit to R U Caribbean Me? This time I ordered the Jerk Pork Poutine. One word. Fantastic. I also paid a second visit to The Merchant Kitchen booth.

After all that eating I finished off my weekend with a games night at St. Philip’s. We played a couple of rounds of Jenga. Then played some Dominoes and Dutch Blitz. Both ot the last two I lost handily. While playing we enjoyed snacking on junk foo, and some homemade pakora.

If this sounds like it was a tiring weekend. It was. However it was very enjoyable and I slept soundly and peacefully when it was over.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.