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Waki Temaki Sushi Truck

When I did my preliminary Food Truck Power Rankings, I mentioned that there were three trucks that I still hadn’t tried. I’ve now visited Waki Temaki Sushi Truck, so I can knock that number down to two. Waki Temaki is run by the owner and chef of Yujiro Japanese Restaurant on Grant Avenue.

You can generally find the Waki Temaki truck on Broadway in one of the blocks close to the Legislature. Winnipeg has approximately 12,000 sushi restaurants*. This is a good thing as those who check in on Dining with Donald fairly regularly are aware, I am a sushi fan. With Waki Temaki, we can add 1 sushi truck to that total.
* Number may be slightly exaggerated.

Waki temaki truck view
The side view of the Waki Temaki truck.


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Rolls range from $3.50 to $6.50. The rolls are neither the biggest or smallest I’ve experienced. Salads are $5.00-$5.50. You can add a drink and a salad to any roll for $5.00 to make a combo. The Donburi, essentially deconstructed rolls, are $15.00. While providing a reasonably good sized portion, they seem a little steep. However, you can get yourself a pretty fair lunch for $10.00-$12.00 if you are inclined. 3.75/5


As the picture of the menu indicates, there are a wide variety of rolls to choose from, three salads, and the Donburi.  In addition, there is often a daily special on offer. You should be able to get a good Sushi experience from this truck, and even find a couple of items for people who don’t like seafood. 5/5

Waki temaki Donburi
The Donburi plate from Waki Temaki


One advantage of a deconstructed roll such as the Donburi, is that it gives you a chance to taste the ingredients individually and together. Both the salmon and tuna in mine were quite fresh and were easy to bite into and chew. The rice was quite nice as well, and stuck together when picked up with the chopsticks. The wasabi which comes in little foil packets has good kick to it. The soy sauce is just okay, and there wasn’t enough. 4.25/5


This is another area where Waki Temaki scores quite. well. First the rolls are in cone shape. This means you can eat them by hand without worrying about the contents spilling. The Donburi comes in a recyclable plastic container with lid that it is easy to walk with. The bonus in the container is that is bowl shaped which makes it easier to get the last bits of rice out. The one thing I didn’t like was that it was hard to open the wasabi packet. 4.5/5


The service was friendly. My food was prepared quite quickly. The speed didn’t seem to negatively affect quality. 4.5/5

Waki Temaki Overall:

If you’re looking for a break from the usual, this is a good truck to try. You need to be careful what you order if you want the best value. Where it debuts in the Power Rankings is hard to say, since there are so many other great trucks out of there. Make sure you give Waki Temaki a chance, however. 4.5/

By Donald McKenzie

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