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A few months back I wrote about L & Y Tasty Soup at Portage Place. I was particularly happy to find a non-chain restaurant operating in a food court. Well, Winnipeg Square ups the ante in this regard as they have several such places. I’ll try and get around to checking out all of them in the next little while, but for now I want to highlight Vinh Long Vietnamese restaurant.
One of the things I really like about the Winnipeg Square food court, is that even more than the other downtown food courts, there is lots of space to sit during off hours, as there is no Tim’s or McDonald’s in this court.
Vinh Long is easy to miss as you go through the food court at Winnipeg Square. All the other restaurants are either on the side or along the back wall of the court, while Vinh Long sits by itself in a little cubby hole on the opposite side. It’s easy to miss this restaurant while you are checking out all the other options on the other side of the wall. That would be a big mistake, as Vinh Long offers great food and portions at great prices.

Deluxe Beef Soup
Vinh Long offers a really good, and filling, Deluxe Beef Soup

Vinh Long Offerings

Panda Express at Green Meadows Ave.
Panda Express at Green Meadows Ave.

The first time I stopped, I went for a simple dish. It was later in the day, so some of the trays were empty. I figured that soup would make the best choice and went with the deluxe beef noodle soup. The container wasn’t as large as some I’ve had, but there was still plenty of soup. I found the broth to be richer in flavour than many I’ve tried. Plus, there were lots of beef, noodles, and vegetables.
On my second visit, I ordered a Pork Dumpling soup to go along with an order of Deluxe Vermicelli. Seeing that the soup was only $3.95, I wasn’t expecting much. A bowl of consomme with one or two little dumplings. Instead, I received what looked initially like one giant dumpling which turned out to be 7 or 8 smaller dumplings once separated by my spoon. Each dumpling had a reasonably sized pork filling in it.
I also really enjoyed the Deluxe Vermicelli. After Phô, Deluxe Vermicelli is my most frequently ordered Vietnamese dish. I like the combination of the cooked meat and the fresh vegetable and noodles mixed in with the vinegar sauce. The spring rolls that came with the dish were crispy and stuffed full of vegetables. Between the soup and the vermicelli I found this to make for a really filling lunch.

The vinegar sauce really peps up the vermicelli
The vinegar sauce really peps up the vermicelli


A flavourful dexlue vermicelli.
A flavourful deluxe vermicelli.


The pork dumpling soup is delicious, and there are a good number of dumplings in the soup.

If you like Vietnamese food, Vinh Long is sure to please you. If you like a quick, cheap, and flavourful meal, Vinh Long will also give you that. If you ever end up in Winnipeg Square take a detour into the food court and give Vinh Long a try.

By Donald McKenzie

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