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Vera Pizzeria – 670 Osborne Street

I ended up at Vera Pizzeria on Thursday, because of my habit of general bad planning. I had seen a note on Facebook about the South Osborne Farmers Market. Being that I am on holidays, I thought it would be a good idea to take a trip to the market. Unfortunately, I read the post wrong. The market actually runs on Wednesdays. On the bright side, the market location is only a block or so from Vera, so I decided to make that my supper stop.

Bruschetta from Vera
I added a bruschetta side to my pizza.

Currently, with Covid restrictions for dining there is room for about 20 diners inside. There is also a fairly sizable patio alongside the building. However, it is very popular, and so you may find yourself with some wait time if you want to sit outside.

Vera Wedding Reception

Thursday was the first meal I had enjoyed at Vera, but it was my second visit. Last year, my niece, who worked there, got married. With Covid restrictions, it looked like the event might fall apart. Thankfully, Vera came through for her and offered up a really terrific wedding menu.

I had several photos of the food from the reception, but somehow they appear to have gone missing. I’m going to need to go on a hunt to try and find out where they were stored. If I can find them I’ll do an update to include them. As I mentioned, I couldn’t find the pictures, but I eventually located them. We enjoyed a real great selection of food from the Vera kitchen.

oils on the table
There is oil and chili oil on each table.

Pizza Dinner

The menu at Vera’s isn’t particularly large. There are a number of pizzas to choose from, but only a couple of sides. I ordered two of the three sides. The first was the olives in chili oil, and the second was the bruschetta.

Olives in chili oil
The olives in chili oil are a fantastic side.

Both of these sides are they type that I would be happy to order, over and over again. The thing I really like about the olives is that they have a good bite to them. I find most olives, pit in or not, tend to be mushy. These ones are firm right to the pit.

The bruschetta, pictured at the top of the post, features rich and creamy goat cheese. This is pure indulgence on bread. I enjoyed the fact that the bread had the taste and feel of a good garlic toast. Again, this is something worth adding on every time you visit.

The Vera Calabrese Pizza
The Vera Calabrese Pizza.

I opted for the Calabrese Pizza for my main dish. I am a big fan of salamis and figured that this would be a good choice. The other thing related to it, is the fact that on a hot day it seemed a fairly light choice. This worked out really well. the crust is light, with a nice, crispy edge on it. The flavours are great, and it makes for a satisfying but not overfilling meal.

Rich Panna Cotta
The Panna Cotta is rich and wonderful, without being overly heavy.

With the food being both satisfying and generally light, I had room for dessert as well. The topping in particularly is great. It is a rich caramel, and is dotted through with bits of crunchy toffee, providing a good counterpoint to the rest of the smooth and creamy dish.

Service is very good. My server was prompt, friendly, and efficient. Other members of the staff chipped in to make sure that the food arrived at my table in good time and as fresh as possible. Vera is definitely worth repeated visits.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.