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Umi Sushi Unit 30 Shops of Winnipeg Square

It’s been quite a while since I visited any of the restaurants in the Shops of Winnipeg Square. Umi Sushi is one that I’ve never ordered from. Located just north of the food court it’s never caught my eye. Recently, I thought I would drop in and see what is on offer.

Umi Sushi Lunchbox
One of the many lunchbox sushi offerings from Umi Sushi.
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Umi Sushi is laid out in a long, and narrow fashion. With the kitchen behind a long counter on one side of the unit, and the seating normally running down the other wall, and with a little broader space at the back. I say normally, because with the current Covid-19 situation, all the seating has been packed up and stored at the back.

Umi Sushi Lunch

Miso Soup
A take out order of miso soup.

One of the deals Umi Sushi offers is their lunchbox tray of sushi. These are stored in an open top cooler, which means you can grab and pay for your lunch quite quickly if you are in a hurray.

With these trays you can get with your choice of either a canned beverage or a bowl of Miso soup. On my first trip I chose the Miso soup. I paired this with the Salmon Nigri pictured at the top of the post. I found the sushi to be good and fresh.

Two of my favourite dishes at any sushi restaurant are the Wakame Salad, and Kimchi(usually only found at Korean Sushi restaurants). Umi Sushi offers up good examples of each. The Wakame is good and chewy and the Kimchi has a good bit of spice along with being fairly spicy.

Umi Sushi Salmon Sashimi
I ordered a salmon sashimi

My second visit I placed a very simple order. I was looking for something light, and so I chose to only order a tray of Salmon Sashimi. Like the first Salmon I order, this was again was fresh and very enjoyable.

A Non-Sushi Lunch

My latest visit, I decided to order something other than Sushi. The number of non-Sushi items on the menu is rather limited.

Umi Sushi Don Buro
My Don Buro order from Umi Sushi

The Don Buro is essentially an order of chicken fingers on sushi rice. The coating of the chicken is good and crisp. The chicken itself is moist and tender. The sushi rice is also very moist.

A Few Odds and Ends

As you step to place and pay for your order, you notice a set of glass display cases. My first two times at Umi Sushi I simply picked up my food, and then paid for it. The Don Buro took a bit of time to cook and that allowed me to take a closer look at these cases.

sock collection
You can also purchase a wide variety of socks at Umi Sushi.

Socks seems to be the main item for sales. Although there are some utensils and various knick-knacks. The mix of various cartoon characters and Pokemon figures put me somewhat in mind of Dwarf No Cachette.

The service at Umi Sushi is quick and friendly. Even if you are ordering something that needs to be prepared while you wait, you won’t have to wait very long.

My workplace is located halfway between Umi Sushi, and Sushi June at CityPlace. Sushi June has a wider selection and I think the quality there is somewhat better as well. However, if you are downtown and underground, Umi Sushi is a good place to stop off.

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