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Two Chicken Sandwiches, One Chicken Bowl

After a day off from writing, but not from eating, I’m back. Today I’m reviewing two chicken sandwiches and one chicken bowl. These were the Fried Chicken Fest offerings that I tried on Friday and Saturday.

My second of two chicken sandwiches
Number two chicken snadwich, from Wienerpeg at The Forks.

Over the last two days, I’ve ordered Fried Chicken Fest items from three different restaurants. I started with Yard Burger on Friday. Saturday, I visited Wienerpeg, and picked up from Khao House.

Two Chicken Sandwiches: Yard Burger & Wienerpeg

Working downtown I like the fact that there are a lot of restaurants within walking distance. Friday afternoon I stopped in at Yard Burger in the Hargrave St. Market. I’ve tried their beef burgers before, and thought their Fried Chicken burger would make a good meal. The dish, entitled the Shogun features the following ingredients:

Katsu chicken, sesame, nori, pork belly, kewpie mayo, togarashi hot sauce, lettuce, tobiko, and avocado, on a toasted potato bun. (taken from the Fried Chicken Fest website, which you should visit).

One of two chicken sandwiches
The Shogun Chicken sandwich from Yard Burger. Number one of my two chicken sandwiches.

I really enjoy the Katsu chicken, the breading is good and crispy. The pork belly adds a bit of fatty goodness to the chicken. I really appreciated the fact the avocado was good and firm, and not mushy.

The heat from the hot sauce gives the sandwich a good bite, to go along with the other seasonings.

The one thing about the sandwich that was disappointing was that the potato bun didn’t have a lot of integrity and started to fall apart as swoon as I began to eat it. In the end I used the chicken patty as an open-faced sandwich, and took a knife and fork to the bun afterwards. Still, there is a lot of great flavour in this dish.

Saturday., I headed up to The Forks to try out the sandwich from Wienerpeg. When I reviewed it a while back, it didn’t rate as one of my top spots at The Forks. So, would their Chicken Fest entry improve my opinion of the restaurant?

Number two of two chicken sandwiches.
The second of my two chicken sandwiches.

The Winerpeg entry is called the Pickle Rancher. Of the dishes I’ve tried so far, this is the one that has the simplest ingredients.

Fried pickle-brined MB chicken thigh, local milk bun, housemade Manitoba Cool Breeze pickles, capers, and housemade dill ranch.

This is a case where simplicity is a good thing. The chicken patty itself is really crispy. The pickles give a little added crunch. The dressing reminds me of some of the best cucumber salads I’ve enjoyed over the year.

On top of this, despite a quite wet dressing, the bun held up really well. Although not part of the dish, I appreciated the fact that the server made sure there were extra serviettes for wiping my hands.

As to the question I posed a few paragraphs up. The Pickled Rancher definitely upgrades my opinion of Wienerpeg.

Chicken Bowl From Khao House

After two chicken sandwiches in a row, I thought it would be a good idea to try a different kind of chicken dish. Khao House is located in the Good Will Social Club. It’s a great stop if you are in the mood for a quick bite, especially their Spicy Miso Ramen. You can check out my review, here

Two chicken sandwiches followed by a chicken bowl.
After two chicken sandwiches, the Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken bowl made for a nice change of pace.

The Khao House Dish is called Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken:

Pan-fried daikon radish cake with Chinese sausage, shiitake mushroom, and dried shrimp, peanut brittle, pickled mustard greens, Thai chili, and herbs.

I didn’t notice until I added the ingredient list, that they don’t mention chicken, but it is there. there are several good sized bites of chicken, along with the several pieces of the daikon radish cake.

These two along with the dried shrimp give a good variety of textures to this dish. Offering mouthfuls that are crispy, crunchy, or smooth by turn. Along with these the pickled mustard greens and Thai Chili give the dish a nice spicy kick.

My two chicken sandwiches bring my total so far to four out of six dishes I’ve tried. I think as I go forward, I’m going to look for a few more of the non-sandwich dishes.


By Donald McKenzie

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