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Trippa Con Patate – Centro Caboto Centre

I mentioned in my previous post, that I’d be writing about an event that I had learned more about through connecting in real life with online friends. The couple I connected with are Cory and Angie Boehm. Angie is Italian, and she gave me more details on a dinner at the Centro Caboto Centre, call Trippa con Patate (Beef Tripe with Potatoes).

The Trippa Con Patate in it's serving dish.
The Trippa in it’s serving dish.
Beef Wellington Ravioli
Beef Wellington Ravioli

I’ve recently been reading a book entitled, The Shameless Carnivoreby Scott Gold. One of the things he talks about in the course of the book is how being a true carnivore, you must be willing to make use of the whole animal. Trippa, makes use of the animals intestines, something many if not most of us usually ignore.

A Scot Among the Italians

Reading this and hearing about the event, I thought I should give it a try. So, a couple of days before I phoned and reserved a ticket. When I arrived, I was greeted by Mario who was host for the event. I found out that I was seated at this table. Another couple joined the table as well. The woman was of the opinion that Trippa was a dish for the men, and Spaghette, also on the menu was for the women. As I looked around during the evening I found this only partly true. Many of the women ordered Trippa as well.
There was also a little bit of conversation around Euro 2016. Although being Scottish, I don’t really have a horse in that race. Actually when it comes to football I almost never have a horse in that race. While I only knew Cory and Angie at this event, everyone who came by the table took a moment or two shake hands and introduce themselves.
I had a chance to talk a little bit more with Cory and Angie during the evening and learned a little bit more about Centro Caboto and events such as these dinners. Centro Caboto serves as a gathering place for the Italian community in Winnipeg. Many people think of Corydon when they think of Winnipeg’s Italian community, but as time goes by the community has become more dispersed within the city, and Centro Caboto provides a larger meeting place where people can come together. These dinners also make that possible. I heard people talking about how a large group had got together at breakfast time to watch Italy’s Euro match together.

Trippa Meal:

Trippa can be a tricky dish to cook. First, they need to be cleaned properly and then they need to be prepared so that they are still chewy, but not like bubble gum chewy. The trippa for the dinner was prepared by the centre’s chef, Roberto Bovielli. Roberto is relatively new to the centre, but clearly is a talented chef. The trippa itself was good and chewy, but easy to chew through and swallow. The potatoes were fairly soft, and the tomato sauce was wonderful. The trippa had also been cut into little pieces that worked to gather up the sauce in much the same way that pasta will pick up the sauce well. The meal was also served with bread that was not only delicious on it’s own, but had the perfect texture for sopping up the juices of the trippa.

My serving of tripa con patate
This was my serving of the tripa

A Little Spaghetti as Well

Dinners were assigned by ticket colour. Green for Trippa and red for Spaghetti. After everybody had been served they said there was still more to enjoy. I didn’t get up right away, and ended up being in line behind the person who had gotten the last trippa serving. Fortunately chef Bovielli said no problem, and I was served a portion of the spaghetti. This was every bit as good as the trippa. The pasta was a true al dente. The meatballs had a good, savoury quality to them with just a hint of sweetness.

spaghetti and meatballs to go with my Trippa Con Patate
The spaghetti and meatballs were also very enjoyable.

There was an open bar available and I opted to go with a Farmery Premium Lager. It’s rich flavour complemented both dishes really well.

A Farmery beer to wash down the Trippa Con Potate
The Farmery was a great choice to accompany the meal.


Lemon Gelati, my dessert on the Trippa Con Patate evening.
Gelati is a good way to finish off any meal.

As I had finished up my dinner, I went up to grab a coffee, but was intercepted by Cory who offered to by me a Gelato. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse (groaner of a Godfather reference). The Gelato at Centro Cabot comes form Nucci’s, my favourite gelato place. I went for the Lemon, which made for a nice, refreshing finish to the meal. Thank you Cory for your generosity, which was in keeping with the feeling of the whole evening.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.