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Tot Wheels – Taters on the Go

Late last week a couple of my co-workers told me they had seen a new truck on Broadway called Tot Wheels, but that they weren’t quite sure what it was about.  So, on Friday, I went to check it out, but as my time was limited and there was a line-up I didn’t end up ordering.  I came away a little doubtful, as the menu seemed to consist of fresh toppings piled on tater tots.

Tot Wheels Truck side view
The side panel of the Tot Wheels Truck.
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Nevertheless, my curiosity was piqued, and on Monday I went out again and found that I had managed to avoid the line-up.  I was more than pleasantly surprised to find out that fresh topping on tater tots is indeed a winning combination.  So these are my thought on Tot Wheels.

Tot Wheels menu
Part of the Menu for tot Wheels


Most of the items on the menu are $8.50.  This is a little steeper than most trucks, but given the quality and freshness of the ingredients it’s worth the price, with the exception of The Lada, where there doesn’t seem to be enough food to warrant the price.  There are a couple of cheaper items, one for kids and a tots with cheese dish.  On the other hand, at $2.50 for a can of pop or $2.00 with a meal, the drinks are a rip-off. 3.5/5
All the dishes are tot-based, but Tot Wheels does offer several varieties of toppings including a Tottine, Poutine made with tots. 4/5

Tot Wheels Lambo.
The Lambo, short for Lamborghini from Tot Wheels


Quality is definitely the strong point of Tot Wheels.  One of the things that had made me leery initially was that I was expecting the tots to be of the frozen variety, half potato, half air.  Instead, Tot Wheels has gone with homemade tots that are potato all the way through.  They start with a good crunch and continue on with a nice, somewhat chewy texture throughout.  If you put tots in your name, you best make sure that they are the star of the dish, and these tots are.
I had the Spirra, which features Braised Short Ribs and the meat was falling apart tender. Several of my co-workers bought from Tot Wheels as well, and the meat was also well cooked on their dishes with the exception of the bacon which was still a little rubbery.
If you check out the menu, you’ll notice there are a lot of fresh ingredients in the dishes, and the emphasis is on the freshness, as the owner, for example, cuts new avocados by hand when placing them on the dish.  The sauces are very good, though again the bacon dish comes with just sour cream.  The wasabi sauce I had has a little more kick than might be to some peoples taste but is a very good sauce, nonetheless.
If the Lada were improved I might make this a five, as is: 4.5/5


The food comes in a little boat, which is quite easy to carry, but might be tricky if it’s slightly rainy or if the wind is really blowing. 4/5


Service was friendly, quick and efficient. 4.5/5

Tot Wheels Overall:

Tot Wheels does have a few things they need to work on, like drink prices, but this is definitely a place that I will be re-visiting over the course of the summer.  Watch for Tot Wheels on Broadway, and keep track of any other place they might show up.  Despite a couple of reservations I’m going to go 4.5/5

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.