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Thida’s Thai, Downtown

For many years I worked on the corner of Donald and Broadway, in downtown Winnipeg. For the first part of my time there one of my regular stops for lunch was at Thida’s Thai Restaurant, which was a quick trip across the lane from the building I worked in.  I’ve always thought they had really good food.  I also really like the heat that is a feature of so much Thai food.
However, over time I noticed a trend.  I would phone in an order.  They would tell me it would be ready in 20 minutes.  I’d head over at the twenty minute mark, and when I got there I would be told I had to wait another 20 minutes.  This happened on multiple occasions.  So, I quit going to Thida’s.
Recently I was given the chance to do a blog post for SkiptheDishes.  I’ll have more on that in a couple of days.  When my first choice for restaurant wasn’t available, I decided to give Thida’s another try.  I placed my order with an ASAP pickup time.  I received confirmation back that it would be ready in 20 minutes.  Sure enough when I got there 20 minutes later, my order was sitting on the counter ready to go.

Thida's makes a great rice noodle soup.
You can always count on Thida’s for great soup, such as this rice noodle one.


Thida’s Top-Notch Thai Food

I ordered a couple of dishes this time around.  The first was the Thai Rice Noodle Soup with the added Chicken.  I went for the small size which filled the bowl pictured above. I gradually added the bean sprouts and noodles.

Noodles and sprouts for the soup come on the side.
Noodles and sprouts to add to the soup.

One of the best things about the soup was that it was hot.  This was true both in terms of spice and in terms of the soups temperature.  The soup was hot enough that even spending 20 minutes getting home didn’t cool it off too much.  As for the chili heat, it lived up to it’s 10 (highest available) rating.

Pad Lard Na from Thida's Thai.
Thida’s Pad Lard Na

The other dish I took home was the Pad Lard Na.  A dish consisting of thick rice noodles, vegetables and added chicken.  This dish also held it’s temperature.  The vegetables were still reasonably crisp when I got around to eating them.  The chicken was tender, and the chili heat also maxed out like it should.
Thida’s menu also features many other great Thai dishes.  The rice rolls are particularly good.  The large deluxe vermicelli soup is a meal in itself, as are any of the stir-fry or noodle dishes.  The $1.00 extra you pay to add meat is a good investment, as there is always a good portion of meat when you get it.


The food is still as good as I remembered it.  On this occasion, the service also matched the food. I’m pretty sure I will be back there again in the future.
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By Donald McKenzie

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