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The Good Lands Cafe – Sargent Avenue

The Good Lands Cafe, is a new cafe with vegetarian/vegan fare, located on Sargent Avenue. It’s in the building that used to house the Strong Badger Coffee House. I was a big fan of the Strong Badger. I am becoming a big fan of the Good Lands Cafe.

*In keeping with Covid-19 regulations, The Good Lands is currently offering pickup/takeout only.

Hours: Mon-Thurs 11-7

Saturday: 11-7

Friday and Sunday: Closed

The Good Lands sign
A small sign with the cafe name.

Much like Strong Badger, one of the big selling points of The Good Lands Cafe is the owner. Brock was a great owner, and Bassam is also a great owner. Both are people that really care about the people they serve. They both put their heart and soul into their cafes.

One other thing that is similar between the two places is that The Good Lands has been offering an open mic night. Hopefully, it will soon be able to accommodate people for open mic again. Then I may be able to add to my performance list.

Bassam comes from Palestine, and worked for many years in the social services sector in Winnipeg before opening his cafe. The emphasis on vegetarian/vegan food comes from preparing such food at home for his daughters.

The cafe takes it’s name from Bassam’s home country, and his memories of his mother working the land and growing much of the food that the family would eat.

The Good Lands in the Morning

My first few visits to the cafe were simply for my morning coffee. Unfortunately there are no pictures of anything I tried. Along with coffee one of the morning items on offer is a home made muffin, the Miracle muffin. This is a dense and nutritionally packed muffin. It really does a good job of substituting for a breakfast. Good ingredients, good flavour, and quite filling.

The Menu
The Menu for The Good Lands Cafe.

Bassam is Back at it

One of the reasons this post is coming so long after I first visited The Good Lands is that in early February Bassam went back home for a visit to Palestine. He was supposed to reopen in early April, but in between there was this pandemic you may have heard of.

So, it is only in the last couple of days that the cafe has reopened. Saturday I went and got an order to go. I ordered the Shawarma and the Mujadara. The menu descriptions are as follows:

Although the menu lists a chicken style shawarma wrap, this one was beef style.

Shawarma $8.00
Oven roasted soy protein “chicken strips” infused with warm Middle Eastern spices and flavours, served in a pita wrap with garlic sauce.

The mujadara wrap, before being bitten into.

Mujadara $8.00
(Pronounced moo-jah-dah-rah)
A Good Lands Café twist on a popular Middle Eastern dish. Mujadara is a nutritious blend of red lentils and rice seasoned with Middle Eastern spices and served in a pita wrap with carmelized onions.

The flavours are great and the portions are generous. The prices listed above are tax inclusive. Any one of these wraps will make a good solid lunch or supper for your to enjoy.

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I know people still want to be cautious when it comes to venturing out, and rightly so. However, if you are in the mood for some really good wraps, give Bassam a call, and drop by The Good Lands Cafe for a treat.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.