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Tavern United – Pembina

Thursday afternoon I got together with some priestly colleagues for a bit of a catch up session.   We met up at the Tavern United on Pembina.  There turned out to only be three of us in the end, as two others had engagements that kept them away.  This is pretty typical for any social activity that involves more than one priest.  In fact this can happen if the activity involves only one priest. Tavern United makes for a good meeting place.  While I’m writing about the one on Pembina Highway, what I have to say could apply fairly well to any of them.  I say this because I’ve tried several.
One thing I like about Tavern United is that they are all quite large.  So, even with a fair number of people nearby you don’t generally feel crowded. Also, the music being played wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t carry on a conversation. The only problem at this location was that the hydraulics on the door to the patio weren’t working.  As a result, any time someone went out the door shut with a very loud bang.

The Food

English Conversation Practice - Arr...
English Conversation Practice - Arranging A Banquet

One thing I appreciate about Tavern United is that there is always some kind of food special on offer.  I’ve had half-price burgers at lunch.  Thursday I had the half-price dried rib special.  I really like the dry ribs. They were also consistent with what I had eaten at the MTS center Tavern.  Often when I’ve ordered them other places they have lots of small pieces or all bones. Here there is plenty of meat to go around.  I had the salt and pepper flavour.  I don’t know what brand of salt they use, but it is one that gives a good salt flavour without leaving your tongue feeling like it is being cut into as some salts do.(or maybe that’s just me).

Tavern United fish and chips
The full order of fish and chips from Tavern United.

Both of my colleagues had the fish and chips.  I noticed that unlike a lot of places that serve fish and chips the Tavern United version has a good ratio of fish to batter.  My one colleagues who had just returned from visiting his his home country of Scotland, (a land of fish and chip lovers), did think the halibut was slightly overdone, but that was just a slight quibble.

Service was friendly and efficient.  When there was no malt vinegar(which is the best kind for chips) in the tray, our server quickly got us some.  At the same time, we were allowed to enjoy our conversation with minimal interruption.  This is good, because that was the real reason we were there.

Tavern United Summary:

Tavern make for a good place to get together with a group of friends.  It’s also a good place to catch a game.  On a general basis the prices are quite reasonable.  If you are able to time your visits to take advantage of the specials, the prices become quite good.  CanadInns has done a good job with this mini chain.

By Donald McKenzie

Anglican priest, and food blogger. This blog is focused on Food. It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.