Tamale Time – Salvadoran Food Truck

With the new year, there are once again new food trucks. As the food truck activity in Winnipeg increases, the truck themselves are covering a wider area of the city. This means I don’t always catch them when they are new. Tamale Time is one that I am aware of, because Wendy Elias-Gagnon posted about it shortly after it hit the streets.

Tamale Time Truck
Judging from the logo on the truck, it’s always Tamale Time.

Wendy is El Salvadoran, so I figured if she’s liking what she sees I need to give it a try. My first stop by I was a little bit early but I’ve managed to make it by for a couple of visits since then. If you read the blog regularly you know I use a different for of review for the trucks. This is mainly because there is no dine-in element to the experience.

Menu at the Tamale Time truck.
The Tamale Time Menu

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This may be a reflection on the general increase in food prices or on the increasing popularity and specialization of food trucks, but you won’t get a meal under $10;00. There are individual items ranging from $4.50 to $7.00, but you need at least two to make a meal. Still the combos are quite good. Your best best might be the Chicken Sandwich with an order of Yucca Fries and chicharron along with a bottle of Jarrito soda for $12.00  The Pupusas could use a little more bean in the mixture. 4/5


There are only about five or so items on the menu, but you can enjoy them in various combos One thing that would be nice is if they offered their coleslaw as a side on it’s own. 4/5

Tamale Time Combo
The combo: Pupusa, Tamale, Yucca Frita, and a bot of coleslaw
yucca frita
The Yucca Frita with Chicharrons.
Sandwich and Yucca Frita
pollo sandwich
The Chicken Sandwich


On the whole, the quality at Tamale Time is pretty high. I really like the coleslaw, with it’s acidic vinegary dressing. The Yucca Frita are pretty good, but a more consistent size might lead to a more consistent quality. Some are quite thin and some quite thick. Everything is well cooked, especially the chicharron. The chicken sandwich is sort of an El Salvadoran chicken salad, and very tasty.  4/5

jarrito grapefruit e1496686023350
Grapefruit Jarrito
guavajarrito e1496685978496
A guava flavoured Jarrito.


Both Meals I ate were served in recloseable, compostable containers. They also provide a blue bin so you can recycle your drink cans and bottles when you are finished. 5/5


Service was quite good both times I was there. The food may take a little longer than some places, because it is coming from scratch. 4.5/5

Tamale Time Overall

Tamale Time seems to have made a good start. I look forward to seeing how things progress as the summer goes along. You should definitely visit this truck if you get the chance. 4/5

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  1. Alright. Here’s the thing, I love that Salvadoran food is everywhere haha it’s so freaking good. But what almost gave me a heart attack was the price. I’m salvadoran and I can get a pupusa for .25 cents around here $.75 if you want to splurge, so $4.50 literally made me choke on my $.50 gourmet coffee. Maybe it’s because i’m so spoiled that everything here is good and cheap, but my question is are the prices competitive? Is all food that expensive? Or is it just that truck?

    • It’s probably a little high because it’s a food truck, but not out of keeping with other restaurants in general. Also, minimum wage here is roughly $11.00 per hour.

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