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Tall Grass Prairie (Forks)

Tall Grass Prairie Bakery started off in the Wolseley neighbourhood of Winnipeg. It’s a place I had long been aware of, but didn’t really visit often, until I started to be involved at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church. Many of the members there are long-term, loyal customers. It was only recently that I learned part of the reason for that:  The bakery had it’s beginnings in the basement of the church.
From those beginnings it has grown into something of a Winnipeg institution.  It now has two locations.  The original Wolseley one, and the one at the Forks.  It’s the Forks location that I most frequently visit. The Forks also has Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen, where prepared take home meals, and a variety of preserves and other locally produced food stuffs are available.

The sign outside Tall Grass Prairie Bakery at The Forks.
Sandwich board sign for Tall Grass Prairie Bakery.

Tall Grass Tastiness:

One of the things I like about Tall Grass, is the fact that you can get anything from a sweet snack to a full meal.  In addition to baked goods and breads, they offer soups, sandwiches and a few other menu items.   The other day I stopped for lunch, and had a half-sandwich, savoury bannock, and a Gingersnap.  The tree items together came to just over $6.00 including tax and made for a light but satisfying lunch.
There are a variety of hot and cold beverages available as well.  I wasn’t particularly thirsty, so I just went for the food.  I also like the large kitchen style table that they have at the end of the counter.  It adds a little homely touch to enjoying my food.

Tall Grass Prairie makes a really good savoury bannock.
Tall Grass offers a very tasty and satisfying savoury bannock.
If you like Ginger cookies like I do, you'll like the one from Tall Grass Prairie
A well spiced Ginger Cookie.
Tall Grass Prairie offers half sandwiches for sale.
The Tall Grass half sandwiches are extremely tasty and quite filling, with plenty of fresh, local ingredients.
The only table at Tall Grass Prairie, but there are plenty more at The Forks.
Tall Grass offers one table for dining in. Fortunately there are lots of other spaces available at The Forks.

Another thing to like about Tall Grass is the fact that so much of the food that they produce is locally and organically grown.  If you read the brochure they have about the history of the bakery, you will realize that this is an outgrowth of how they live out their faith. This commitment to local and organic has also led to the creation of my favourite item from Tall Grass.

My favourite oil, the Tall Grass Prairie Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil
Tall Grass Sunflower Oil. Definitely my favourite cooking oil and a pleasant change from butter over popcorn.

This is the cold-pressed sunflower oil that they produce at the Grass Roots Prairie Kitchen.  The seeds are brought to the Forks location, where they are stored in a hopper, and from their they are ground and the oil extracted.  I much prefer this oil to olive oil when it comes to dipping bread.  I also like it as a substitute for butter on my popcorn.  The oil has a rich, nutty flavour that makes it feel like you’ve added sunflower seeds to whatever dish you use it in.
Tall Grass offers a good range of breads, many of a very hearty variety.  You will also be able to find a few gluten-free options while you’re there.  Of course, what’s a bakery without sweets.  Tall Grass offers a lot of dessert choices. Cookies, Brownies, Loaves, Slices.  There is a good range of items to choose from at any given time.  If you are in Wolseley or at the Forks, this is one place you should take the time to visit.

Tall Grass Prairie Blueberry slice
A blueberry slice from Tall Grass.
A wide selection of bread is available.
A selection of the various bread available at the bakery.
The visual display of the breads available.
A variety of the breads available for sale.
A sweet and satisfying pecan slice.
The pecan slice. A rich, satisfying dessert.


By Donald McKenzie

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