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Fired Up Pizza, Glacial Service

Winnipeg’s food truck scene continues to grow.  It’s not surprising then that as it does so, there are more trucks offering the same type of food.  On my way to work earlier in the week, I noticed a new, blue truck on Broadway. This is Fired Up Pizza.  Last year saw the debut of The Red Ember Pizza Truck.  Red Ember sells wood-fired pizzas made from home-grown ingredients.  Fired Up doesn`t claim the home-grown part, but is also selling wood-fired…Continue readingFired Up Pizza, Glacial Service

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Red Ember – Wood-Fired Pizza

I’ve consolidated my two Red Ember posts into one.redembercommonRED EMBERI mentioned in my post on Barbie & Gabi’s Specialteez (no longer in business) that one of the new trucks out on Broadway, was a pizza truck whose name I didn’t get.  Well, on Tuesday,  I headed down that direction again, happy to find that the pizza truck, named The Red Ember, was out on the street again.The Red Ember Truck is the most noticeable truck out on the street.  It is…Continue readingRed Ember – Wood-Fired Pizza

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Food and the Fringe Festival

While there is often talk about how Winnipeg is behind the times when it comes to portable food offerings, particularly food trucks, the change is coming to the city, and you really start to notice it when events such as the Fringe Festival are on.  It wasn’t that long ago when the India Palace tent and the odd hot dog cart were the only options available when you went to the outdoor stage at the Fringe. The marriage of food…Continue readingFood and the Fringe Festival