Verde Juice Bar – Westminster Avenue

Verde Juice Bar is one of two new places on Westminster Avenue. I ended up there on my first visit, because Joy’s Tea which is next door was closed. The decor at Verde is the same as many of the newer restaurants opening. Lot’s of light wood, and wooden type sign boards and menu. Pleasant enough, but after awhile there seem little to distinguish one place from the next as far as appearance goes.

Menu on the table

Verde Juice Bar Table with Menu.

Verde Juice Bar for Beverages

My first trip to Verde I was meeting with my friends Graham MacFarlane and Aaron Peterson to discuss a pilot project for a Sunday Evening service at St. Philip’s. Arriving late in the afternoon we ordered drinks but no food. It was a little chilly that day, and I decided on a hot chocolate. I can’t remember what Aaron ordered, but Graham ordered the Pineapple Express smoothie, which he enjoyed. Continue reading


Sherbrook Street Delicatessen

I’m thinking of starting a new category of post here on Dining with Donald. I think I would call it: “Restos replacing Restos.” First I did the Palm Tree (Rasoi), then it was Nick’s on Broadway(selFISH Sushi), and now it’s Sherbrook Street Delicatessen(Fitzroy). Plus Clay Oven(Fresh Cafe) is soon to be opening in the Hydro Building downtown.

Like Palm Tree, Sherbrook Street Delicatessen is a restaurant where I hadn’t tried the previous tenant’s food. I had heard a lot of buzz surrounding Fitzroy, but had never made it in. So, I can’t lament what was lost, only praise what is there now.

Now, not all the buzz I had heard about the Sherbrook Street Delicatessen was entirely positive. I heard that it was a place that just sold expensive sandwiches. The sandwiches are indeed not cheap, but they are good value. Plus the food is fantastic.

Sherbrook Street Deli history.

A bit of Winnipeg’s history on the walls of the Sherbrook Street Deli.

I went in for the first time late Saturday morning. My intention was to order myself one of the sandwich platters. However, when my server came by she asked if I was aware of their breakfast special. This special consists of a choice of one of their deli meat options, 2 eggs, 2 potato pancakes and rye toast. Being a breakfast lover I decided to go with the special. I chose the smoked meat option. Continue reading

Nook Diner-Sherbrook Street

Friday night, I finished the Winnipeg Harvest Poverty Pledge. Saturday morning I was in the mood for a good old-fashioned breakfast. Bacon, eggs, potatoes, and toast. Many of the staff at St. Margaret’s, one of the parishes where I work regularly visit The Nook Diner on the corner of Sherbrook and Wolseley. I figured I’d give it a try. I went fairly early in the day, hoping that it wouldn’t be too crowded. It wasn’t and I was able to get a seat right away.

Nook Diner mural

The Nook Diner building featuring a mural on the side wall.

Nook Breakfast:

My server brought me a menu and coffee shortly after I sat down. The Nook has two sections, and while cozy as you would expect from a restaurant with such a name, there’s room to hold a fair number of customer. I really liked the fact that there were several two seat tables in the mix. As a single diner, I appreciate not having to feel like my presence is costing the restaurant a lot of potential business. Continue reading

Tallest Poppy, Sherbrook Street

For several years, The Tallest Poppy bloomed on North Main. A popular breakfast and lunch spot under the ownership of Talia Syrie, the original location was closed when Ms. Syrie took the opportunity to help start up Come ‘N Eat Cafe at the Neechi Commons. Having seen that enterprise successfully get on it’s feet, she decided to return to operating her own restaurant.

While the restaurant is still called The Tallest Poppy, and there are many of the same dishes that are associated with the original, there are some significant changes. First, this time around Ms. Syrie has a partner. His name is Steve Akerman, and in addition to being partner he serves as The Tallest Poppy’s bartender. Second the location has significantly more seating. Third, the hours have expanded to add dinner service to the breakfast and lunch.

Tallest Poppy breakfast.

The poppy breakfast from Tallest Poppy.

I had been to The Tallest Poppy on one occasion at it’s old location on Main Street. I went for brunch and enjoyed the open-faced omelet. Quite simply the best omelet I’ve ever had. I’ve also had the opportunity to enjoy Ms. Syrie’s cooking at the brunches that have been a part of the river pop-up restaurants. This has given me the chance to try several other items on the breakfast menu. Each has been fantastic. Continue reading

Thom Bargen Coffee & Tea

Winnipeg has seen the blossoming of several, small, boutique, coffee houses in the last two or three years.  It started with Parlour Coffee on Main Street.  Since then Parlour has launched Little Sister Coffee Maker.  There’s Make/Coffee and Stuff on Cordydon, Café Postal on Provencher, and Thom Bargen on Sherbrook

Blueberry Rooibos tea to go from Thom Bargen

Blueberry Rooibos tea to go from Thom Bargen

So far, Parlour and Thom Bargen are the only one’s I’ve paid multiple visits to.  There may also be some I’ve missed.  All the one’s I’ve visited have a degree of similarity, but also are a little bit different.  Design wise I like Little Sister Coffee Maker the best of them.  I think it’s the low slung ceiling that appeals to me. Continue reading

Neighbourhood Cafe, Book Store

As you may be able to tell from my posts I really like books.  I also really like restaurants. So, quite naturally, if I can find the two connected I am quite happy.  While the number of bookstores/cafe is not great there are some good ones in Winnipeg. One in particular is the Neighbourhood Cafe and Book Store, found on Westminster Avenue in the Wolseley neighbourhood of Winnipeg.

One of the interesting things about the Neighbourhood Cafe is that the menu that is available is not the same all the time, and comes from a variety of sources.  For example, the soups they serve are homemade for them by Café Ce Soir.  Some of their baked goods come from the Mondragon Café.  They don’t have a lot of what I would call a set lunch or dinner menu, but there is enough variety that you can put a nice little meal together.

Over the span of my visits there, I have had the opportunity to try the Cream of Broccoli soup.  The soup was thick and rich, good for a real cold winter day in Winnipeg.  The sandwiches which I tried, one half ham and the other half a vegan option, were also of the very filling variety, although I found the bread was a little on the dry side.

Neighbourhood Cafe Soup.

Cream of Broccoli soup from the Neighbourhood Cafe.

Continue reading