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Winnipeg Hot Sauces for a Time of S...
Winnipeg Hot Sauces for a Time of Self-Isolation.
Fall Suppers

2022 Fall Suppers Return

With pandemic restrictions eased, I’m looking forward to seeing 2022 Fall Suppers make a return. I know that during the last couple of pandemic years, there were some that went to a take out method. On the whole though, fall suppers disappeared from the dining landscape. I’ve been thinking about these dinners for the last couple of weeks. It looks like this year there will be at least a few dinners for people to enjoy. For the first few years…Continue reading2022 Fall Suppers Return

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Café Dario 1390 Erin Street: A Best Meal

Café Dario re-opened last night. Initially, Café Dario will be open from 5-11 pm Fridays to Sundays. I caught wind of it through the Loaf and Honey Facebook page (more about them later in the review). I booked my reservation online, and ended up as the first customer through the door yesterday evening. Normally I would pay two visits before writing a review. Technically I have, because I went to Café Dario for a group dinner when a friend was…Continue readingCafé Dario 1390 Erin Street: A Best Meal

Reviews and Such Restaurants Shawarma

Altanour Restaurant 587 Notre Dame Ave

I’ve been making a few restaurant visits, but need to catch up on my reviews. Here is one for Altanour Restaurant, a Lebanese-Turkish restaurant in my neck of the woods.  I’ve made a couple of visits to the restaurant, but this post will be based on my most recent. Mainly because most of the photos from the first visit are in an old phone, that I have misplaced. Dining in at Altanour One of the things I like about dining…Continue readingAltanour Restaurant 587 Notre Dame Ave

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Nonsuch Brewing Company – East Exchange District

Nonsuch Brewing Company is a brewery and taproom located in the East Exchange District of Winnipeg. The space it is in was once occupied by Peg Beer Co, Sadly, Peg Beer Co didn’t survive, but Nonsuch Brewing Company is a really great replacement. The taproom is located near the Concert Hall and several theatres, if you want to visit pre- or post-show. I would probably be here frequently in the next few weeks, but unfortunately the Fringe Festival is cancelled…Continue readingNonsuch Brewing Company – East Exchange District

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Cousin’s Deli, Lounge – South Sherbrook

I never know where my mind will go when it starts to wander. Yesterday I was thinking about Cousin’s Deli, and writing this post, and I started to think about my dad. You see, yesterday marks eight years since my dad died. The reason Cousin’s got me thinking about dad, is that for the first seven years we lived in Winnipeg, we would drive pass Cousin’s on our way down to church at the Salvation Army Winnipeg Citadel. We never…Continue readingCousin’s Deli, Lounge – South Sherbrook

Reviews and Such Folklorama

Folklorama – Mediterranean Style

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve taken in any Folklorama pavilions. This year I am operating on a media pass. I plan to take in several pavilions, particularly at the start of each week and write them up. I will be bringing food highlights, but I also will write about the cultural displays and shows. As most of my readers know, I don’t drive. So I’ll be making my choices based on what works best for the bus/foot combination.…Continue readingFolklorama – Mediterranean Style