Nonsuch Brewing Company – East Exchange District

Nonscuh Tuna Tartare

Nonsuch Brewing Company is a brewery and taproom located in the East Exchange District of Winnipeg. The space it is in was once occupied by Peg Beer Co, Sadly, Peg Beer Co didn’t survive, but Nonsuch Brewing Company is a really great replacement. The taproom is located near the Concert Hall and several theatres, if …

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Cousin’s Deli, Lounge – South Sherbrook

Cousins cream of mushroom soup.

I never know where my mind will go when it starts to wander. Yesterday I was thinking about Cousin’s Deli, and writing this post, and I started to think about my dad. You see, yesterday marks eight years since my dad died. The reason Cousin’s got me thinking about dad, is that for the first …

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Folklorama – Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean Pasta Making

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve taken in any Folklorama pavilions. This year I am operating on a media pass. I plan to take in several pavilions, particularly at the start of each week and write them up. I will be bringing food highlights, but I also will write about the cultural displays and …

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Little Maria’s, Edmonton Street

Little Maria's Porchetta

Little Maria’s is now closed. There is a new restaurant there, called This Little Place, and from what I gather the menu is very similar to the old menu at Little Maria’sIt’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted. My schedule has been very full and I haven’t found many new places. Yesterday, though …

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Prairie Regional Barista Championships

This past weekend Winnipeg hosted the Prairie Regional Barista Championships. It’s hard to believe how much the coffee culture in Winnipeg has changed in about three years. 2011 was when Parlour coffee opened on Main Street. Parlour was also one of my early reviews.  Since then Little Sister, Thom Bargen, Cafe Postal, and Make have …

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Espresso Junction – Johnston Terminal

Earlier this year, when I started working the Norwood area, I was glad to find Finales nearby. Sadly, Finales has had to close. This means I am without a good quality coffee shop nearby the church. For those who wonder, neither McD’s or the place named for that hockey player qualify. I will occasionally go to …

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Neighbourhood Cafe, Book Store

The Neighbourhood Cafe and Book Store is no longer open. The owner had a long-running battle with the City of Winnipeg over the lack of a grease trap, and in the end that was too much for the cafe to survive. You can read about it here.  As you may be able to tell from …

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Ellice Cafe – Last Breakfast

The space once occupied by the Ellice Cafe is now home to The Feast Bistro. I moved into the West End of Winnipeg just a little under eight years ago.  Several months later the Ellice cafe opened.  The cafe was operated by New Life Ministries and was designed as a place where people of all …

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