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Joe and Lily – East Exchange

Joe and Lily Coffee has closed. There is a new coffee shop in the same location. I walked by the new place in January 2022, but the name escapes me right now. I hope to make a trip down there in the next few weeks. Hopefully the Winnipeg Fringe Festival will be open to in-person shows this year. That way I will have more reason to visit the new shop. Winnipeg’s specialty coffee shops continue to boom. Two of the…Continue readingJoe and Lily – East Exchange

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Food and the Fringe Festival

While there is often talk about how Winnipeg is behind the times when it comes to portable food offerings, particularly food trucks, the change is coming to the city, and you really start to notice it when events such as the Fringe Festival are on.  It wasn’t that long ago when the India Palace tent and the odd hot dog cart were the only options available when you went to the outdoor stage at the Fringe. The marriage of food…Continue readingFood and the Fringe Festival

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Little Bones Chicken Wings

Yesterday was my first trip out to the Fringe Festival this year.  As I arrived at the Old Market Square area, I was delighted to discover that Little Bones Chicken Wings had set up shop there as well.  Despite the fact that in general chicken wings are an over-priced item, they are one of my favourite comfort foods.I had heard about this new truck via Twitter and have been looking forward to trying it out ever since.  Yesterday was my…Continue readingLittle Bones Chicken Wings