Bento Sushi Express – Portage Place

From time to time I like to try out different Food Court restaurants in local malls. Most of the time, these places aren’t all that spectacular but once in a while you run across one that is quite good. Such a place is Sushi June in CityPlace. Having enjoyed Sushi June, I thought I would give the Bento Sushi Express location in Portage Place a try.

Bento Sushi Express Bento Box

The Bento Sushi Express Bento Box. A bit of a mixed bag.

My first visit was around closing time for the food court, and I wasn’t sure that they would have all their menu items available. So, I picked up one of their packaged rolls, figuring if nothing else I would get a second one if the menu items weren’t available. Happily, when I ordered the Beef Udon soup, there was no problem getting it made for me.

The soup was quite good. I was pleased with the richness of the broth and there is also a good portion of tender beef, and lots of noodles as well. Continue reading


Chosabi Asian Eatery, IRL

Last Thursday, I attended an event at Chosabi Asian Eatery that was fundraising for the Health Sciences Centre foundation. You might recognize the letters at the end of the title, as standing for In Real Life. One of the elements of social media that has been missing from my life for the last little while has been the meeting in real life of people I’m connected to on the web. One of the surprising discoveries when I first got on the social bandwagon several years ago was how being online helped me to connect better with people when I was offline.

Chosabi soy sauce dispenser

The soy sauce comes in it’s own Chosabi branded dispenser

This time around, Lisa Webinger, who I know as @msbehaviour on Twitter, had arranged a two day promotion with Chosabi, where $1.00 from every Chosabi Sushi Burrito purchased would be donated by the restaurant to the HSC Foundation. The special was running Thursday and Friday, and Lisa would be there Thursday at dinner time.

When I got there it turned out there was also someone else who I knew through the web. Cory Boehm has long been a reader and commenter on Dining with Donald, usually through the Manitoba Food Bloggers group. Cory was there with his wife Angie, and while we talked I learned a little bit more about an event at the Centro Caboto, of which I’ll be writing in a day or two. I also got to briefly meet Robert Young, another Twitter connection.  Continue reading

Mooshiro Sushi: All I Could Eat

Last November I paid a visit to Sushi Gen, on Portage Avenue.  My intent was to follow it up quite quickly with a visit to Mooshiro.  Mooshiro is another all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, located just past Portage and Maryland.  The first difference you notice between the two restaurants is that the Mooshiro dinner buffer, which I tried, is five dollars less than the Sushi Gen dinner buffet.  So, is it a better bargain?

My Three Basics at Mooshiro Sushi:

There is a lot of variety in sushi menus. There are though, three dishes that I usually try when I go to a new sushi joint.  The first is the Miso soup.  The Mooshiro Miso was definitely as good as Sushi Gen.  The second is the Wakame (Seaweed Salad).  This was rather disappointing as it didn’t have quite the flavour, and there didn’t seem to have any white sesame seeds on top.  The third is the dynamite roll, which is a little better, but still rather pedestrian.  All in all I’d call these three dishes a saw-off.

Continue reading