Pho Binh Minh – 819 Sargent Avenue

Pho Sate at Pho Binh Minh

Having recently moved, I find myself going out and exploring the various restaurants close to my new location. It’s one of those interesting things. Even though I wasn’t many blocks farther away from these restaurants than I am now, those extra few blocks meant I didn’t get out and check out places like Pho Binh …

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Pho Que Huong Ellice Avenue

There are so many good restaurants in the West End of Winnipeg. So many in fact, that it’s easy to simply never visit some of them. Pho Que Huong on Ellice Avenue is one such place. It probably doesn’t help that it’s located just down the street from Nhu Quynh, one of my favourite spots. …

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