Rice Bowl Restaurant – Sargent Avenue

One thing about reviewing restaurants is I often find myself no longer stopping at places I had once visited. The algorithms constantly demand new and fresh material, and so places, such as Rice Bowl, on Sargent become places I used to visit.

However, recently I decided I wanted to visit there again after a few years absence. Unfortunately, although I’ve paid three visits over the last couple of weeks or so, my camera acted up and I only have two photos total to show for three visits.

Rice Bowl Lumpia Shanghai

Lumpia Shanghai from Rice Bowl.

Rice Bowl is a unprepossessing little building. Stepping inside, the decor is also very basic. However, there are plenty of seats, and on all three visits, I had no trouble finding a place to sit.  Continue reading


Saigon Jon’s – Review

Saigon Jon’s is a Vietnamese Fast Casual restaurant located on the south end of Pembina Highway near where the old Blockbuster video store used to be.  A little while I had the opportunity to go there as part of a Manitoba Food Bloggers event.  Johnny Kien, one of the partners and chef at the restaurant hosted us for the evening.

I live in the West End of Winnipeg, home to a good number of very fine Vietnamese restaurants.  So, I was curious to see how this fresh take on Vietnamese cuisine would work.  It works very well, with the “fresh” of fresh take being the foundation on which the restaurant is built.

One of the elements that enhances the freshness of the food is that Saigon Jon’s grows it’s own herbs for use in the restaurant.  They are able to do this by way of the Urban Cultivator.  A product out of Vancouver created by some guys who wanted to take “grow your own” in a more licit direction.

Saigon Jon's Fresh Herb Grower

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