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Missing Coffee, Missing Friends*

*Some days I wasn’t sure what I was missing most. I’m writing this post late Friday night. My participation in the Winnipeg Harvest Poverty Pledge is coming to an end. I had expected this to be relatively easy. After all, in 2008 I had lived off of $20 a week for food during Lent. That…

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Shawarma Khan – Review

Next week marks six years since Shawarma Khan opened in the Exchange District of Winnipeg. Since then there has been a location opened at Investors Group Field, along with Obby Khan’s Green Carrot Juice in Osborne Village. Recently Khan has opened a third location. This one is what was home to one of my favourite coffee…

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Twist Cafe

  Twist Cafe closed about a year or so ago, and was replaced with Twist Bistro. This didn’t revive anything, and Twist Bistro is now also closed. Update to my update. The former Twist location is now the latest location for Shawarma Khan. I haven’t tried the new location, but you can find my review…