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Sookrams Brewing Co – Lord of the Pies

The last few days I’ve paid a couple of visits to Sookrams Brewing Co. I’m going to get into that in a little bit. However, I first want to give a bit of an update. [sookrams] My previous post I mention that I’m starting a new job. At the same time, I recently moved my…

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Fromagerie Bothwell – Provencher Avenue

Fromagerie Bothwell is the new Winnipeg location for Bothwell Cheese. Bothwell Cheese has long been a Manitoba institution. A family run business that has been in operation since 1936, Bothwell Cheese produces a wide range of cheese products, and are specially know for their Squeakers, cheese curds available by the bag(and a great choice for…

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Meltdown Grilled Cheese, Tia Maria’s Taqueria

It’s the second weekend of September and that means it’s time for Manyfest. Manyfest means it’s time for Food Truck Wars. This year there are 52 trucks entered. Although it may surprise some people, I won’t be trying them all. Instead I’m focusing on trucks like Meltdown Grilled Cheese and Tia Maria’s Taqueria, neither of…

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Provencher Pavilions – Folklorama

Yesterday marked my third day of pavilion hopping. My first post is here, and my second is here. I decided that I would try to visit all three of the pavilions on or around Provencher Boulevard. The Belgian and Canadien-francais pavilions are both situated less than a block apart on Provencher. The Chilean pavilion is…