Red Ember Common – Forks Market

The Forks has long been one of my favourite places to stop into on my way to work. A Cinnamon bun from Tall Grass Prairie, always makes for a sweet start to the day, and if you hit The Forks at the right time of day, it can be a really quick spot for picking up a meal.

The Forks has been upgrading over the last couple of years, and the second phase of The Forks Market upgrade is in full swing. I am of mixed mind up this second phase. I plan on writing about this in another post. For now I’m going to write about Red Ember Common. I’ve been a fan of Red Ember almost since the truck first hit the streets.

Red Ember Seating

There is bar seating write by the restaurant, and the view is quite good from the Commons seating area.

The production area for Red Ember is quite impressive. The space has been renovated so that you can look in from three different sides and see the staff as they make their creations. This is an upgrade from the truck in that there is more room to be able to watch your pizza being made.

Red Ember Pizza and More

One of the first things I noticed about the menu is that there seem to be a few more non pizza options to go along with a somewhat larger selection of pizzas. I needed to make a trip back to The Forks to check on the names of which pizzas I had ordered, because the Red Ember Commons website isn’t operating. Continue reading


Danny’s All-Day Breakfast

It’s been a while since I’ve done any posts about dining at The Forks. So, with the new additions coming in the next few months I figured I should get back to finishing my round up of the current options. The latest place I’ve been checking out is Danny’s All-Day breakfast.

I have to admit that I’ve always found Danny’s a little odd. Perhaps it’s the little man in what looks like an American flag outfit. Perhaps it’s the fact that the name sounds like it’s trying to confuse people into thinking they’re eating at Denny’s. Still, I thought I’d give it a chance.

Danny's Breakfast special

The Breakfast special from Danny’s

Danny’s for Breakfast and Lunch:

One of the first things that I have to say I like about Danny’s is it’s location. It’s situated just across from the Beachcomber. The best part of this location is the grouping of about half a dozen tables to sit at.

I think my best description of Danny’s would be that someone had taken a diner and plunked it down in the middle of a food court. Aside from the all-day breakfast choices they specialize in soups, sandwiches, salads, and chili.

Danny's Pan Scrambler

The Pan Scrambler breakfast option from Danny’s

I’ve tried the breakfast special, the lumberjack and the pan scrambler. Although the breakfast special is the best price wise, and the the lumberjack portion wise, I’d would go with the pan scrambler. For one thing it comes with plenty of melted cheese on top. For another, there is a greater depth of flavour to the dish as well.

The diner image was driven home to me when I ordered the taco salad for lunch. Instead of using a taco bowl, they spread taco chips on the plate and then added the other salad ingredients. This is I can imagine as something I would find in a mom and pop kind of cafe. I was also quite please with the amount of tomato, etc in the filling. The ground beef wasn’t the most copious, but not bad either.

Taco Salad at Danny's

Danny’s Taco Salad.

I’ve also given the Chili with Texas Toast a try. I don’t have a picture of this, but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of it. It also had a decent little kick to it.

As far as service goes, my orders have been prepared quite quickly each time I’ve been. This has been true when I’ve been the only person ordering or when there have been a few people in line before me. If you’re down at The Forks and in the mood for breakfast, Danny’s is worth a try.
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Stitch in Time – Knitting Cabaret

Yes, the title is not a misprint. Last night at The Fringe I went to see Stitch in Time: A Knitting Cabaret. You might wonder what would make anyone go see a show on knitting. I have a two word answer. Melanie Gall. I enjoy any type of show that involves good singing, and Ms. Gall is a very good singer. She is my can’t miss performer when it comes to The Fringe.

Beyond her singing Ms. Gall’s approach to her subject matter helps to set her shows apart. Surprising as it may seem, songs about knitting could be open to ridicule. Yet Ms. Gall treats them for what they are historical artifacts from a bygone era. It should be noted also, that all the songs in the show are real songs about knitting. At one point in the show Ms. Gall stated that she had now collected almost 100 different songs.

Stitch prop

A single microphone is the only prop used in Stitch in Time

Stitch in Time: Show Times

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Muddy Waters Smokehouse

Throughout the spring I’ve been checking out the various food outlets at The Fork’s Market. I’m continuing this as we enter into the warmth of summer. When the weather get’s really hot, The Forks is a great place to be. There are several places to enjoy the sun and several to escape the heat. Muddy Waters Smokehouse is one of those places.

Featuring a good sized patio along with a fair bit of inside seating, Muddy Waters allows you to enjoy a beverage or meal while enjoying the sun, or cooling down with a little air conditioning.

The name Winnipeg is derived from the Cree for Muddy Waters, so a restaurant down where two rivers come together is well named. Muddy Waters is also the name of one of the great bluesmen of all time. Blues and BBQ are inseparable, so it’s another reason why the name for the restaurant is good.

While you read the rest of the post, here’s a little Muddy Waters to listen to get you in the appropriate mood.

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Smokin Haut BBQ Truck

A little while back when I wrote my 2015 power rankings post, I mentioned that were still a few trucks that I hadn’t gotten around to visiting. Smokin Haut (I left out the apostrophe because it doesn’t show up well on the web), was one of those trucks. I can now cross it off the list. Smokin Haut BBQ Truck showed up at The Forks today, so I was able to do one of those lunch-supper visits. That’s another benefit of having food trucks at The Forks, you can do two trips in a day.

The Smokin Haut truck sign

The Smokin Haut truck sign

When I first found out about Smokin Haut, I read that they were selling sausages. To my mind that meant they were selling smokies, etc. I was surprised and delighted when I showed up at the truck and learned that the sausage in question was Farmer’s Sausage. I was further delighted to learn that it was Pioneer Sausage from Altona. I also learned that Altona is home to the truck. Fear not, they intent to pay many visits to The Forks. Continue reading