Fools, Horses, Forks

I’ve made no bones that I’m a big fan of Fools and Horses. As it happens I’m sitting in their Broadway location as I’m writing this post. I probably write about 80 percent of my blog posts at this location. It’s a home away from home. Filled with great beverages and run by great people.

So, I was quite happy when I found out that they were opening a new location at The Forks. There are a lot of things that are the same at both locations and some things that are different.


Fools, Horses, Forks

Fools, Horses Feature menu at The Forks

Same but Different

Let’s start off with the things that are the same. The first big things that is the same is the staff. Yes there are some new people who haven’t worked at the Broadway location, but several of the staff from there have moved over and they’ve trained the new staff. Continue reading


Kyu Grill – Forks Market Food Hall

The new food hall at The Forks continues to take shape. Last week I wrote about the Nuburger location, and this week I visited the new Kyu Grill site. I’ve written about the Kyu Grill food cart in the past, but this was a time to try out the Forks location which seems like a cross between Kyu Bistro and the food cart as far as the menu goes.

The Kyu Grill spring rolls.

The Kyu Grill spring rolls.

One of the first things I noticed about the menu is that there were a couple of items on it that I didn’t typically associate with an Asian restaurant. One of these was the beef stew. Continue reading

Nuburger – Forks Market Location.

After my reviewing got me featured in the Winnipeg Free Press on Saturday, I figured I should follow it up with a new review. The overhaul of the eating opportunities at The Forks Market is an ongoing interest of mine. I’ve written about Simon’s and Fusian Experience, and today I’m adding Nuburger,

Despite going through Osborne Village on a fairly regular basis, I don’t often hit the side streets, so I’ve never been to the original Nuburger location. However, once I saw that they are open at The Forks, I put my mind to visiting ans seeing if it was as good as I heard. If you have a chance to read the Free Press article you’ll find that I’m not a huge burger fan, but I enjoy them a few times a year.

Nuburger Chicken Burger

Generally when I visit a place that is known for a specialty I try the specialty and another item or two that don’t qualify as specialties. First, I believe if you put something on the menu, it should be good, not necessarily great like you specialty, but god. Second, it allows for a greater diversity of people to come together over food.

That being the case, I ordered a Chicken Burger on my first Nuburger visit. I also decided to go with the multi-grain over the regular burger bun. I really enjoyed the burger, although I found the multi-grain bun to be a little crumbly.

Tender moist chicken with a good mix of toppings.

Tender moist chicken with a good mix of toppings.

Continue reading

ERA Bistro – Human Rights Museum

I have yet to visit the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. I have however managed to make a couple of visits to ERA Bistro, the restaurant housed inside. The first of these visits I made during Le Burger Week Last year, and then I went again a few weeks ago.

The first thing you notice when you walk into ERA Bistro is how wide-open and airy it feels. It contains an interesting mix of tables for small groups along with a very large communal table. One nice touch is when you get to your table, if you ask for water they bring you your own jug. As someone who drinks a lot of water during the course of the day I really appreciate this. Continue reading

Simon’s Cuisine – Forks Market

The Forks is the middle of an upgrade to their food court. My first chance to try any of the changes was visiting Simon’s Cuisine. Simon’s was originally located on St. Mary’s Road and had recently shut that location down. I had had heard many good things about the restaurant, but never seemed to be by their when they were open. I was very pleased to find out that they had reopened in The Forks. Argentinean cuisine is the order of the day at this restaurant, and they prepare it very well.

Simon's Cuisine sign

Simon’s Cuisine sign

Along with Simon’s The Fork’s has added Fusian Sushi, and the Common craft beer and wine stall. This makes for a more upscale food court. A nice change of pace when dining out there.

Simon’s Lunch:

My first visit to Simon’s I decided to try a  couple of à la carte items for my lunch. I chose a Spicy Beef Empanada, and then added a large order of Fries Provençal. The empanadas here Continue reading