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Banza Noodle and Tea House 102 Sherbrook

Banza Noodle and Tea House occupies the space once home to Sherbrook Street Delicatessen. I am a fan of anything noodle related, so I looked forward to visiting Banza, but it took me a few months to get there the first time. My first time at Banza was a take-out meal. I was meeting with Mike Maunder and Terese Taylor from West End Streets, to discuss what has become my monthly restaurant review for that paper. For some reason I…Continue readingBanza Noodle and Tea House 102 Sherbrook

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Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes.

It’s just about that time of year again. Tuesday, February 25th, is Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day. As I have done in the past with my Fall Suppers posts, I am creating a list of the places serving pancakes in the upcoming couple of weeks or so. One difference between this and the fall suppers, is that this is open to community groups inside and outside of Winnipeg. So, if you are having a pancake supper, please feel…Continue readingPancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes.

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Southlands Salvation Army Fall Supper

Every year I list fall suppers. This year I added a second list. This year I managed to visit six different fall suppers in Winnipeg. Next year I may have to branch out and visit some of the rural ones. That would require me finding a driver. Last night’s fall supper at the Southlands Community Church(Salvation Army). was the sixth of the ones I visited. This last one turned out to be a little confusing for the Anglican me, as…Continue readingSouthlands Salvation Army Fall Supper

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Turkey Dinner at Holy Trinity Anglican

Holy Trinity turkey dinner. I’m in the middle of a busy food weekend. Friday night I went over to Bella Vista Restaurant. Ross Jeffers, who formerly owned Cafe 1958, is now in charge at Bella Vista. Friday was opening night for him, and I wanted to pop in for dinner. I’ll have a review after I’ve paid a couple more visits. Today, I’m heading over to Holy Rosary for their fall spaghetti dinner. Last night, I was at Holy Trinity…Continue readingTurkey Dinner at Holy Trinity Anglican

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Amsterdam Tea Room – Exchange

The Amsterdam Tea Room, located in Winnipeg’s Exchange district, is one of those places that I’ve actually visited several times, without ever getting around to write a review. The cafe is located in a store front that for many years housed the Winnipeg Folk Festival’s record store. Amsterdam tea room has been open for just shy of three years. Originally it was only selling tea, and as the link article explains, only bulk tea, not to drink. However, over the…Continue readingAmsterdam Tea Room – Exchange

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Garry Street Coffee, Human Bean Coffee + Tea

Downtown Winnipeg has recently seen the opening of two new coffee shops. Or to be more precise, one new coffee shop, and an old coffee shop that has relocated. The new shop is Garry Street Coffee, located at 333 Garry Street, and the relocated shop is Human Bean Coffee & Tea, which after leaving both The Forks, and the Millenium Library, has reopened in Cityplace, just across the street from the library. In some ways the two shops are quite…Continue readingGarry Street Coffee, Human Bean Coffee + Tea