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Dalat – Grant Park Festival

Dalat is a Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant located at Grant Park Festival. I don’t know why they call a collection of shops a festival. However, I digress before I begin. After visiting the Boston Pizza here, I decided I would give Dalat a try as well. Restaurants that try to mix cuisines are always an interesting experience. Rarely do they do both well. Pho Mama’s being one notable exception. Dalat Chinese/Vietnamese Supper: I decided to brave the rain one evening and take…Continue readingDalat – Grant Park Festival

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Boston Pizza – Taylor Avenue

Boston Pizza is one these places that always leaves me with mixed feelings. It seems to offer so much, but I often come away slightly disappointed. The City Place location is the one I visit the most. So, when I received a gift card the other day, I thought I would try a different site. Instead of my usual City Place location I went with the Boston Pizza on Taylor just down from Grant Park Mall. I like the area,…Continue readingBoston Pizza – Taylor Avenue