Saint Ignatius Fall Fish Fry

Each year as I compile my Fall Suppers list, I’m always on the lookout for new suppers to add. Since the season runs until about the middle of November, I keep up the search well after I’ve originally posted. This year one of the new dinners that I came upon was the Fall Fish Fry at Saint Ignatius Church.

Saint Ignatius Knights of Columbus place mats

The placemats with the Knights of Columbus logo on it.

Saint Ignatius Church is founded in memory of Saint Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuits. Among other things, the Jesuits are known as the scholar priests of the Catholic Church. In addition to the church Saint Ignatius is also home to a school running from nursery to Grade 8.

This parish is one place that despite going past it hundreds of times while living in Winnipeg, I’ve never visited. I’ve worked with people whose children have attended the school, and I’ve had friends and parishioners who have taken part in the Spiritual exercises and the healing ministry course, but never made it there myself. Continue reading


Walleye Wagon, Fish N Chips

Last Wednesday was Canada Day. This is our national birthday, and so it is a day long party. As with any good party there’s lots of food around. This is especially true in the world of food trucks, as many that aren’t on the streets regularly can be found at various Canada Day sites. While wandering around The Forks, one of the trucks I came upon that I hadn’t seen since the previous fall was the Walleye Wagon.

Food Truck Wars Walleye Wagon

Fresh Walleye served up at the Walleye Wagon

Looking back on that post I noticed that I had said the fish to batter ratio had scored really well in favour of the fish. However, I didn’t have those comments with me when I stopped at the trailer on Canada Day, so I wondered what I was going to get. Thankfully there was still much more fish than batter. As for what else I thought:


The Walleye Wagon is one of the pricier trucks out on the street. Still, the single piece with fries for $10.00 isn’t a bad buy. Each skewer of fish has plenty of pickerel on it, and there is a large serving of fries. Plus, you get a little coleslaw, along with a lemon wedge and a good portion of tartar sauce for dipping your fish. 4/5 Continue reading