Sargent Taco Shop – Tam’s Pho

Generally I do reviews of restaurants separately, but today I’m doing a review of both Sargent Taco Shop and Tam’s Pho. While the cuisine is different, and one is trying to replicate a distinctive vibe, they have a couple of things in common that make for a good review.

Tam's Pho water.

A glass of lemon water from Tam’s Pho.

The first is that they are both small establishments. Sargent Taco has one table and a few stools, but advertises itself as a take-out restaurant. Tam’s Pho has a little more seating space, but also does a lot of take-out business. The second is that they are both located on busy main streets. Sargent Taco not surprisingly is on Sargent Avenue, and Tam’s Pho is on Portage Avenue. The third is that they are both on the lower end of the scale as far as price is considered. You can get a good meal, cheaply at either restaurant. The fourth is that while the cuisine is different both serve really good food.

Quick and Easy to Go

My friend David Driedger, who I had visited The Mami Project with, had put a post on Facebook that his favourite Mexican restaurant was reopening. He didn’t give a location, but as I was walking down Sargent one evening, I saw The Sargent Taco shop was open and figured it must be the place. Continue reading


Modern Taco Company

A few weeks ago Joanne Epp, a friend and parishioner from St. Margaret’s, held the launch of her poetry collection Eigenheim. The launch with reading was at McNally Robinson’s in Grant Park Mall. Figuring that Prairie Ink, the bookstore restaurant would be quite busy, I decided to look around and see what else was available. As I wandered the mall, I ran across Modern Taco Company. I had heard about the place, and figured I’d give it a try.

Modern Taco Company

Modern Taco Company offers a variety of hot sauces to add to your food

Grant Park was the the mall hangout of my youth. The place to go at lunch hour and after school. Honing my skills on Pac-Man pinball. I was never very good at the Pac-Man game itself. The mall seems to be in constant flux these days, and is barely recognizable as my old haunt. Still, the Co-op grocery store is roughly in the place where the Dominion Store was. Dominion was forever banning and unbanning students from going through for one reason or another.  Anyways, enough of my nostalgic ramblings. Continue reading

Habanero Sombrero – Fire on Broadway

The Habanero Sombrero truck has appeared on Broadway.  There are now at least two  trucks focusing on authentic tacos in downtown Winnipeg. The other one is El Toritto. There should be plenty of room for both on Winnipeg streets.

One of the things that I think will work in favour of both trucks is that their menus are slightly different.  Having one on Portage and one on Broadway also works out well for the two of them.  Here are my thoughts:


Two taco are $6.00 three are $8.00. Homemade Tortillas with Salsa are $3.00/ with Guacamole $4.00. You can get them with a drink in combo for $10.00.  There are other items such as quesadillas and chicken wings available according to their website. I haven’t notice them when I was at the truck.  Aye Carumba cookies are $1.00.  4.5/5 Continue reading