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Baraka Pita Bakery – North Main

Last month was Diocesan Synod. I went to Baraka Pita for supper on the Friday night. That’s the opening night of the Synod, with a Eucharist at St. John’s Cathedral. When I went to look up places down  North Main, I was surprised that it was late 2015 when I first visited Baraka Pita Bakery. So I figured that seven years between visits made it a good candidate for a revisit. I ended up giving myself a good amount of…Continue readingBaraka Pita Bakery – North Main

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Daanook Syrian Restaurant – Exchange

Daanook Syrian Restaurant is one I’ve been hearing about quite a bit lately. The family that owns it have been getting a fair bit of coverage in the local press.  When I finally got around to looking Daanook restaurant up, I discovered they were located in the space that once belonged to Vicky’s. Daanook Takeout The first time I placed an order. I opted for takeout. The restaurant is only a few blocks from Holy Trinity, so it made for…Continue readingDaanook Syrian Restaurant – Exchange