Greenish Cafe – Downtown Skywalk System

The rainy weather over the last few weeks has forced me inside more on the occasions that I am out walking. When I’m downtown this means traveling through the Skywalk system. Roughly halfway between Cityplace and Portage Place, lies Greenish Cafe, a Sushi and Salad place. There has been a sushi restaurant there for quite a few years, but I’ve never really been tempted to go in. However, over the last few months there has been a renovating of the space, and Greenish (nb the website only has phone number and email on it, so far) has emerged.

Greenish Cafe Americano

The Greenish Cafe Americano

One aspect of Greenish that caught my attention before I went in is that they have a sign advertising their coffee prices, which include a $2.00 Americano. I thought it would be worth my while to visit the place just to give the Americano a go.

A couple of other factors made me want to stop in at Greenish. One is it’s proximity to Coffee Depot, which I enjoy from time to time, and the other is that it made me think of Sushi June in the Cityplace food court that offers some really good food.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the Greenish location is that it looks more comfortable than it did before. There is a nice bench running the length of one wall, and the the tables and chairs are quite pleasant as well. the renovation has also left the place feeling more cosy as well.  Continue reading


Japanese Pavilion Folklorama

Yesterday I visited the Japanese and South Sudan Pavilions for Foklorama. In preparing to write the up I looked for connections. In the end the only connection that really sprang to mind is that they are both on the Number 17 bus route. So, I’m writing separate posts for each pavilion.

Located in St. Joseph’s Parish Hall, the Japanese Pavilion is divided into cultural space in the basement, with the food and the show in the main floor hall.

I arrived early, which gave me plenty of time to go downstairs and check out the cultural displays. There are a variety of traditions represented in the cultural display. You can find out more about Judo, Lantern Making and Origami among other things.

Continue reading

BIMI – Kenaston Village Mall

I’ve started trying to work my way through River Heights on my Zomato profile. My goal is one day to be an expert in every Winnipeg neighbourhood (vanity, I know). It’s a slower process then I hoped, but with visits to my mom and occasional stops at CMU, I’m getting there. I visited Freshii recently, and have also managed to make a couple of stops at BIMI Korean-Japanese restaurant in the same mall.

BIMI hosting station

A camouflaged hosting station at BIMI.

Bimi All You Can Eat

It’s not very well advertised as you walk into the restaurant, but BIMI does offer an all you can eat deal for a good part of the work week. The price is $16.95 and includes most of the menu. I was torn between this and trying the Korean entrees. Time was short, so it seemed that all-you-can-eat would work out well. Continue reading

Seoul Nami – Downtown, Underground

The other day I was underground at Portage and Main and decided I would make a stop for lunch at Seoul Nami which sits in the rotunda between Winnipeg Square and the Richardson building.

A good though oddly priced, $1.67, Miso soup

A good though oddly priced, $1.67, Miso soup

There has been a lot of talk recently about possibly re-opening Portage and Main to pedestrian traffic. Moving to Winnipeg in 1980, I’ve only known a closed corner. Meanwhile, the underground has been part of my life at various times. I worked at Henry Armstrong’s in Winnipeg Square and banked at the TD branch undergound at the intersection. My first regular coffee place was the Second Cup that was open there at one time. I’ve stopped at the food court at Winnipeg Square for late lunch on several occasions. Continue reading

Hanabi Japanese Restaurant

Wednesday’s meal at Hanabi Japanese Restaurant, was one that combined two of my favourite things.  Eating sushi, and dining with friends.  I’ve wrote in the past of the supper club that I occasionally join in with.. I’ve been out with them a few times.  A couple of them I’ve written about.  Once at the King’s Head, and once at North Garden.

My Wednesday’s in the new job have been fairly full, so it’s been awhile since I last joined the group for a meal.  However, last night I was free and so was glad to be able to meet up with them again.

Holding the dinner at Hanabi Japanese Restaurant was an added bonus.  It’s been some time since I last did a review of a restaurant which featured sushi prominently on it’s menu.  Wednesday was half price roll night, and two of the organizers got together to pre-order a selection of rolls.  This turned out real well, as by the time we were all assembled, we only had to wait a few minutes for the rolls to appear.

A platter of rolls from Hanabi Continue reading