Bento Sushi Express – Portage Place

From time to time I like to try out different Food Court restaurants in local malls. Most of the time, these places aren’t all that spectacular but once in a while you run across one that is quite good. Such a place is Sushi June in CityPlace. Having enjoyed Sushi June, I thought I would give the Bento Sushi Express location in Portage Place a try.

Bento Sushi Express Bento Box

The Bento Sushi Express Bento Box. A bit of a mixed bag.

My first visit was around closing time for the food court, and I wasn’t sure that they would have all their menu items available. So, I picked up one of their packaged rolls, figuring if nothing else I would get a second one if the menu items weren’t available. Happily, when I ordered the Beef Udon soup, there was no problem getting it made for me.

The soup was quite good. I was pleased with the richness of the broth and there is also a good portion of tender beef, and lots of noodles as well. Continue reading


Sushi June – City Place Food Court

Once again the colder weather has settled into Winnipeg. This has me walking the skywalk system more frequently. As I’ve gone along, I notice that the City Place Food Court seems to be in flux. The overwhelming marketing klout of MacDonald’s and Tim Horton’s seems to be driving many of the smaller chains out, with both Koya Japan and Manchu Wok recently closing. There is a Meltwich grilled cheese opening soon, but time will tell as to who will succeed.

I’ve reviewed Samosa Hut in the past, and so I decided to I would stop in and give Sushi June, another smaller place a try. I don’t know how busy they are, but I did notice the first time I went, that there was a lot of sushi prepared and sitting out. I also noticed that they featured several Korean dishes as well.

I ordered the Spicy Ramyun soup. This was very well prepared. The noodles have a real good chew to them. The egg is well cooked, and best of all the spicy soup is indeed spicy. I did feel that at $8.25 for the dish, the portion was a little on the small size.

Sushi June Spicy Ramyun Soup.

Sushi June Spicy Ramyun Soup. The egg is hidden by the bits of broccoli on the top.

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