Hong Hing Chinese Restaurant

Hong Hing restaurant on Ellice Avenue, is a  Chinese restaurant of the type I was familiar with growing up. Lots of dishes featuring chop suey and chow mein. However, there are a few Szechuan dishes available on the menu, and even an eight item Dim Sum list.

This is a place that I’ve often wondered, when I passed, if it is still in business. It’s a squat, rather non-descript, exterior that doesn’t appear all that inviting even in the daytime. However, it is also not far from where I live so I thought I should stop in some time.

Hong HIng Sliced Chicken.

The sliced chicken from Hong Hing. The skin is nice and crispy and the chicken is quite good, if slightly overcooked.

Hong Hing specializes in takeout, but there are a few table and about twenty seats in the restaurant if you want to dine in. Although I dined in on my first visit, I got the impression that they would prefer you to place takeout orders. Continue reading


Red Lake Coffee Co Truck

Saturday was Canada Day, and as always, I was on the lookout for various food experiences as I traveled through some of the sites during the day. I started off my day with a visit to The Forks, made a brief trip through Osborne Village, back to The Forks, and then ended my day at the St. Norbert Celebration.

Along the way I made a couple of visits to the new Fools and Horses location at The Forks. I also stopped at the BBK Barbeque trailer for my lunch. I’ll be writing up both of those in the next couple of weeks.

The logo on the door of the Red Lake Coffee Co. Step Van.

The main reason I ended my evening out at St. Norbert was that Sweet Alibi was the closing act just before the fireworks. If you are a fan of close harmony singing, this Winnipeg trio is one that you need to check out as soon as you can. Continue reading

Strong Badger Coffeehouse

Earlier this week a friend of mine posted on Facebook that he had gone on vacation and come back to a new coffee shop at the end of the street. I looked at the picture and saw the name Strong Badger. I knew I needed to visit as soon as possible.

An old Underwood typewriter.

An old Underwood typewriter.

I first encountered Brock the owner of The Strong Badger Coffeehouse when I covered the Outdoor Community Cafe at Knox United. He was serving iced coffee at the time and said he wanted to get a cart going, and to eventually open a storefront location. The one thing that was most important in the storefront option was a location north of Portage in the West End.

Stepping into Strong Badger

Strong Badger is located at 679 Sargent Avenue at the corner of Victor Street. It has two entrances one that leads straight to the coffee counter, and a second that leads you into the second section which is located a couple of steps down. The top section has several tables and chairs. The tables and chairs are of the second-hand variety and remind me of the much lamented Eat! Bistro. The bottom section has a couple of couches along with a table or two. In one little nook there a couple of bookshelves with a nice selection of reading material to enjoy with your beverage and treats.

There is also a small performance space in the upper area. Brock hopes to have regular performances as a feature in the coffeehouse. Continue reading