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Pho Hoi An – Sargent Avenue

This is a new post on Pho Hoi An, a Vietnamese restaurant on Sargent Avenue. I originally wrote a review a couple of years ago. A couple of months ago I switched from WordPress hosted to self hosted. Unfortunately somewhere in that process I lost that original post. So, while this post will only deal with my most recent visit, it does reflect two or three other past visits. I might even be able to add a couple of old…Continue readingPho Hoi An – Sargent Avenue

Reviews and Such Greek Restaurants

Georges Burgers-Submarines, McPhillips

Today’s review has a bit of a connection to my past. One of my former places of employment was Watt Street Foods on the corner of Watt and Kimberley. Over the years we provided the hamburger meat for several Georges Burgers and Submarines, including the one on McPhllip’s. Recently I found myself traveling up McPhillip’s on a couple of occasions and decided to stop in and give George’s a try. Located in a strip mall, the restaurant is long and…Continue readingGeorges Burgers-Submarines, McPhillips