Royal Paan – Meadowood Drive

Royal Paan on Meadowood Drive is a relatively recent discovery for me. A couple of weeks ago, I headed up to St. Vital Centre to see what was available at the Children’s Hospital Book Market. I managed to find a few deals as I navigated my way around the tables, and then decided I wanted to have an early supper.

Menu from Royal Paan

The Royal Paan menu.

Despite there being a relatively large number of options in the area, none of them was catching my eye, or stomach. However, as I walked along Meadowood, I noticed a place I had never seen before. This was Royal Paan. Continue reading


New Year, New Power Rankings

Spring has arrived. Thanks to the early warm weather, many of the Food Trucks have already hit the streets. More exciting then this is the arrival of even more new food trucks.

This is my third annual Power Rankings post for the Winnipeg Food Truck scene. In 2013 when they were new, I wrote an explanation of power rankings as part of that post. With the early arrival of spring, I’ve had a chance to get out and try several of the new trucks along with some of the old ones. I plan to include all the trucks I’ve tried in this rankings.

As the summer progresses, some trucks will be in for a re-visit.

Last year, I tied my power rankings to Manyfest. As a result, I didn’t include several trucks. This time around I’m going to add them in.

Please remember, that although a truck may land on the bottom of the power rankings, you should still give it a try. This is not like the NHL or NBA. None of these trucks are tanking in the hopes of signing a bright young chef. Also, given how tough the food truck business is, nobody is overpaying an executive chef in the hopes of ending decades of mismanagement. This is meant to be fun. Plus, it’s skewed towards my favourites.

2015 means New Rankings

1.) Poutine King

While the rankings are new, the top spot is still the same. Great food, and sets the standard for being on the street, somewhere or other. This year the truck is at the Forks as well as on Broadway.  Also in addition to great food, makes good use of Social Media to promote the truck.


2.) Red Ember

Dividing time between Broadway and the St. Norbert’s Farmers Market. Red Ember has quickly become a fan favourite. Also, North America’s biggest food truck. Continue reading