Royal Paan – Meadowood Drive

Royal Paan on Meadowood Drive is a relatively recent discovery for me. A couple of weeks ago, I headed up to St. Vital Centre┬áto see what was available at the Children’s Hospital Book Market. I managed to find a few deals as I navigated my way around the tables, and then decided I wanted to have an early supper.

Menu from Royal Paan

The Royal Paan menu.

Despite there being a relatively large number of options in the area, none of them was catching my eye, or stomach. However, as I walked along Meadowood, I noticed a place I had never seen before. This was Royal Paan. Continue reading


Montanas Cookhouse – Saint Vital Centre

I found myself up at Saint Vital Centre the other day, and couldn’t decide where to eat. There are a lot of choice in the area, but none struck my fancy. In the end I went with Montanas Cookhouse, because it was closest to where I crossed the street.

By nature I’m not a fan of chains. I prefer local, but once in a while I’ll give a chain a try. Montana’s is one of these places that I’m sure I visited ages ago. Like most of those, I have not real memory of the food. What I do remember I’ll be talking about later in the review.

Montanas Cookhouse steak sauce

The house branded steak sauce is one of the best things about Montanas Cookthouse

The space at Montanas is large and open. Neither time that I dined there was it so full that they shunted me off to the lounge. It also means that there is generally a little space around you as well. Continue reading

Bourbon Street Grill

Every so often I run into a restaurant that doesn’t quite make sense. Bourbon Street Grill in St. Vital Centre is one such place. I first visited early in 2015 while Winnipeg was under it’s boil water advisory. I was meeting with a couple of clergy friends in the food court, and Bourbon Street Grill was one of the few available options.

What I found strange was, while the restaurant offered a few Cajun style dishes the majority of the menu seemed to be typical of a food court Chinese restaurant. As it turned out, I quite enjoyed the chicken but the rest of the items rather pedestrian.

Bourbon Street Combo

A combo plate from the Bourbon Street Grill.

Fast forward a few months and I was meeting again with the same bunch, and decided to give Bourbon Street another try.

Continue reading