Chinese Restaurants Reviews and Such

Dim Sum Victoria Seafood

Victoria Seafood follows on my recent revisit trend. After Yellow Dog Tavern, and Elephant & Castle, I thought I should go back and try their Dim Sum again. original review Victoria Seafood is located at St. Mary’s Road and Dakota. One thing I like about St. Mary’s Road restaurants is that they are one bus from work, and then another back home. As I was visiting a restaurant with seafood in the name, I wanted to make sure I ordered…Continue readingDim Sum Victoria Seafood

Restaurants Reviews and Such Vietnamese

Pho Cuu Long Restaurant – 757 St. Mary’s Road

Pho Cuu Long is a Vietnamese restaurant that is located on St. Mary’s Road just north of Fermor Avenue. This is a restaurant that I end up at because nothing else was open, or, if open, was really full of people. I like to take my chances when I choose a restaurant. Often I will walk down a busy street such as St. Mary’s Road and see what new-to-me place I can find. Usually this works out really well. However,…Continue readingPho Cuu Long Restaurant – 757 St. Mary’s Road

Reviews and Such Greek Restaurants

Santa Lucia Pizza – St. Mary’s Road

It’s been a few years since I last visited Santa Lucia, but yesterday I was looking for something close to St. Philip’s that would be quick. To my surprise, when I got there, the place was quite full even though it was only 5:45 pm. However, I was able to get a table in the lounge. Santa Lucia Dinner on the Run I had a meeting at church at 7 pm, and so I looked for something on the menu that…Continue readingSanta Lucia Pizza – St. Mary’s Road

Reviews and Such Restaurants Vietnamese

Pho Yo Vietnamese Cuisine

The lead up to Christmas is one of my busy times as a priest. In addition to added services, I have a few more visits to make as opposed to the rest of the year. Being out and about more than usual, I try to fit in stops at some restaurants that I haven’t hit before. One such place is Pho Yo Vietnamese Cuisine on St. Mary’s Road.Pho Yo is in the space that was once occupied by Simon’s Cuisine.…Continue readingPho Yo Vietnamese Cuisine

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Helios – Saint Mary’s Road

December 26, 2019 Update Christmas Day this year was one where there were no family events going on(we are dinner, etc., today). By the time I finish the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services, I’m not really up for preparing any food. I looked and noticed that Helios, a family Greek diner, not far from St. Philip’s is open on Christmas Day. So, after the building emptied out, I wandered down there for lunch. It was around quarter to two…Continue readingHelios – Saint Mary’s Road

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Red Top Drive Inn

Over the last few months, I’ve featured a lot of the restaurants that are in the vicinity of St. Philip’s. Most of these have been North and or East of the church. At the same time, my job involves me working at St. Mark’s as well. St. Mark’s is located further south off of St. Mary’s just past where St. Anne’s diverges. There are several restaurants along the route, one of the most notable being the Red Top Restaurant. Red…Continue readingRed Top Drive Inn