Carbone Coal Fired Pizza – Downtown

While downtown Winnipeg is changing and there are many new buildings and new restaurants popping up, it’s still a bit of a desert around lunch time on Saturday’s. Hopefully when the new True North Square and other projects get completed enough people will be down early on the weekends to get more places open for lunch.

However, it’s not all bad. First of all, it made me do a little more walking, and given the amount of food I consume as part of writing this blog, the extra exercise is never a bad thing. Second, it took me back to Carbone Coal Fired Pizza on St. Mary Avenue.

Carbone Soup

The soup of the day from my first visit to Carbone Coal Fired Pizza.

My first experience of Carbone was about 10 months ago, when I visited as part of the Downtown Biz 2017 Patio tour. On that tour we had the opportunity to taste the White and the Tyrol pizzas. Both were excellent. This time around I would try some of the other dishes they offered.

Carbone Soup and Salad

Carbone opens at 1:00 pm on Saturday, and it was an hour or so after that when I wandered in. There is a dining and a bar area in the restaurant. Continue reading


Pony Corral – Downtown

Prior to it’s being remodeled just after the Jets arrived back in town, the Pony Corral location on St. Mary Avenue was a place I visited with relative frequency. I’ve only been once in the time since, but decided recently that I would give it another try.

One of the things that struck me a couple of years back was the quality of the interior redesign. The dark browns of the booth in the bar seem to offset well the lights from all the of the TVs. At the same time the dining room, while open still allows for a feeling of intimacy.

Before the remodel my main meal at The Pony Corral was breakfast. I always enjoyed the choices and the large portions. This time around, I went for supper meals on both of my visits.

Pony Corral Pre-Super Bowl

My first visit to Pony Corral was late afternoon Super Bowl Sunday. It was still a couple of hours or so before kick-off and so the restaurant was essentially empty. I ended up being seated in the bar with plenty of televisions to watch the talking heads pontificate. Continue reading