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Verde Juice Bar – Westminster Avenue

Verde Juice Bar is one of two new places on Westminster Avenue. I ended up there on my first visit, because Joy’s Tea which is next door was closed. The decor at Verde is the same as many of the newer restaurants opening. Lot’s of light wood, and wooden type sign boards and menu. Pleasant enough, but after awhile there seem little to distinguish one place from the next as far as appearance goes. Verde Juice Bar for Beverages My…Continue readingVerde Juice Bar – Westminster Avenue

Reviews and Such theology

David and Jonathan by Gerauschbiest

This review of David and Jonathan is the first of my arts post that will be appearing over the course of time. Good food and good art belong together and so they will be joined on Dining with Donald. Last night, at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, I had the opportunity to attend a performance of David and Jonathan, a new work by Geräuschbiest. Geräuschbiest is a collaboration between brothers Jesse and Thomas Krause. There is another performance tonight, June 6,…Continue readingDavid and Jonathan by Gerauschbiest

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Carlos – Murphy’s, Osborne

Last Wednesday I met up with the Why Cook Wednesday’s Supper Club from St. Margaret’s, over at Carlos & Murphy’s. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten together with this group. However, scheduling and everything worked out and I was able to reconnect.The group meets more frequently during Lent, which may seem a little odd. Dining out during a time associated with giving things up. However, the more frequent meetings serve as times of connection. Relationships can get lost during…Continue readingCarlos – Murphy’s, Osborne

Food Community

Standing on Guard – Dessert Fundraiser

This last week has been a very busy week. The twin themes of food and remembrance have been at it’s heart. On Tuesday, there was the Remembrance Day service and Roast Beef Dinner at St. Philip’s. Friday, I received a basket of MB holiday goodies.  Friday was also my usual time of cooking for my Confirmation class. Today, I cooked for the Saturday evening service at St. Margaret’s. Afterwards. I enjoyed desserts as part of the Standing on Guard, fundraiser.Standing on Guard consists…Continue readingStanding on Guard – Dessert Fundraiser

Reviews and Such bakery Restaurants

Tall Grass Prairie (Forks)

Tall Grass Prairie Bakery started off in the Wolseley neighbourhood of Winnipeg. It’s a place I had long been aware of, but didn’t really visit often, until I started to be involved at St. Margaret’s Anglican Church. Many of the members there are long-term, loyal customers. It was only recently that I learned part of the reason for that:  The bakery had it’s beginnings in the basement of the church.From those beginnings it has grown into something of a Winnipeg…Continue readingTall Grass Prairie (Forks)

Common Eating theology

Slow Church-Taste and See

Over at I’ve just finished a review of a book entitled Slow Church.  In the book, the authors make the contention that we need to slow down in our approach to the way and which we practice our church life.  They fear that the church has succumbed to “McDonaldization” and needs to recover a practice of “Slow Church,” much like many in the food world are saying we need to recover a practice of “Slow Food.” Chris Smith and Jon…Continue readingSlow Church-Taste and See