Singyun Chinese Restaurant – Provencher

I find myself going down Provencher Boulevard, both on foot and on bus, quite frequently. One restaurant that has often caught my eye is Singyun Chinese restaurant. Two things about it really catch the eye. The first is the exterior of the building which is a bright, lemon yellow, with signage that looks like it has seen much better days. The second is they advertise a lunch buffet, which for the longest time was $8.99 including a canned drink, but by the time I got around to trying it was $9.75.

Shingyun decor

The upper section of the restaurant looks like it was at one time a Mediterranean restaurant, and the new owners couldn’t afford or be bothered to change the decor.

Stepping inside the interior isn’t that much more inspiring. On the bottom level, where the buffet table is, there are three or four tables up against the window(I didn’t bother to count). Upstairs, which I didn’t visit until my third time here, it looks like you’ve stepped into an attempt to recreate the ambiance of a Mediterranean beach cafe. It appears like something out of the Cognitive Dissonance school of interior design.

Of course, I primarily go to restaurants for the food, and as it turns out, Singyun does that quite well.  Which is also a reminder to not let the decor throw me off. Continue reading


Pasquales – Marion Street

Despite being just off Marion, it’s really only recently that I have visited Pasquales(There should be an apostrophe but those nasty Google crawlers don’t like them). I had tried Pasquales as part of my Just Eat promo, but hadn’t been back since. In large part this is because I generally walk down the south side of the street, because that’s where the bus stop downtown is(I’m a creature of habit).

Pasquales meatball promotion

Pasquales ran a meatball promotion all March in support of Siloam Missionn.

However, I figured it was time I got there, so a little while back I headed to the restaurant for a late-ish lunch. Despite being fairly close to one, Pasquales was quite full. I ended up with a seat in the mezzanine with a view over looking the rest of the restaurant and looking out onto Marion Street.

I was fairly hungry that day, so I started off with the soup of the day. I followed that up with the Penne Salcisse. I ordered a cappuccino to drink, and finished off the lunch with a cannoli. Continue reading

La Belle Baguette

With Le Croissant just down the street from St. Philip’s I have ready access to French pastry most of the year. However, if one French bakery in the vicinity is good news, two is even better. So, when I heard that La Belle Baguette would be opening I was very happy. La Belle Baguette is located in the old Chez Sophie location. Chez Sophie having closed after their expansion to the pedestrian bridge by The Forks proved to be a bridge too far. I was sorry about that, as I never got around to trying Chez Sophie.

My first knowledge of the bakery opening up came when I met the owner Alix Loiselle. I was attending a farewell dinner for my friend and fellow blogger Anna Coleshaw-Echols as she and her husband Jeff were moving out to the West Coast. Alix is a Winnipeg native who has honed his craft in various parts of the country and has brought that craftmanship back to Winnipeg and La Belle Baguette.

La Belle Baguette Menu Board

Menu Board

Despite being on my radar for quite a while, it took some time before I visited the bakery. La Belle Baguette is a little off the main thoroughfares of St. Boniface. That means you may need to be a little more deliberate in your attempts to visit. That’s what I ended up having to do. Believe me though, as I’ll tell you more, it is worth any extra effort you may have to make. Continue reading

Le Croissant-Taché Avenue

Le Croissant sign

The Croissant shaped sign which hangs over the sidewalk on Tache Avenue

Note:  Le Croissant is closed Monday and Tuesday.  Open 8-1 weekdays, til 2pm Saturdays, and 12 noon on Sunday. They also closed periodically without much warning. They bring the Slow Food idea to their bakeshop, making sure there is plenty of time for family and friends.

Since I wrote this post, I have tried their croissants, and they are perfectly light, and fluffy, and it’s enjoyable to tear your teeth into them.

As I’ve mentioned, I start a new job at the beginning of February.  I am now the priest at St. Philip’s Anglican Church on Taché Avenue.  New jobs bring lots of new learning experiences, a long with the chance to get to meet many new people.  It also brings you close to new food haunts.  One of these for me is Le Croissant, a French Patisserie just down from the church on Taché.

It’s been a few years since I have been at St. Philip’s with any regularity.  As a result, it’s been awhile since I was last at Le Crooissant. I would have visited a couple of weeks ago, but the start of my tenure coincided with the owners being away.  So I waited, somewhat patiently, for my chance to visit.  The visits have definitely been worth the wait.

As odd as you may think me, I haven’t tried Le Croissant’s eponymous pastry.
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