Singyun Chinese Restaurant – Provencher

I find myself going down Provencher Boulevard, both on foot and on bus, quite frequently. One restaurant that has often caught my eye is Singyun Chinese restaurant. Two things about it really catch the eye. The first is the exterior of the building which is a bright, lemon yellow, with signage that looks like it has seen much better days. The second is they advertise a lunch buffet, which for the longest time was $8.99 including a canned drink, but by the time I got around to trying it was $9.75.

Shingyun decor

The upper section of the restaurant looks like it was at one time a Mediterranean restaurant, and the new owners couldn’t afford or be bothered to change the decor.

Stepping inside the interior isn’t that much more inspiring. On the bottom level, where the buffet table is, there are three or four tables up against the window(I didn’t bother to count). Upstairs, which I didn’t visit until my third time here, it looks like you’ve stepped into an attempt to recreate the ambiance of a Mediterranean beach cafe. It appears like something out of the Cognitive Dissonance school of interior design.

Of course, I primarily go to restaurants for the food, and as it turns out, Singyun does that quite well.  Which is also a reminder to not let the decor throw me off. Continue reading


Pho Mama’s Noodle House

Sometimes I hear about a restaurant I should try, but don’t realize how close to me it actually is. Mama’s Noodle House on McPhilip’s Street is one. I’ve had several friends comment on Pho Mama’s. Yet, somehow I’ve missed out on the fact that it just down the street from Lucky Supermarket. I guess I should have played closer attention. Especially since it’s open until 3 am and most restaurants in the area are closed by 10, or so it seems.

Pho Mama's hours

Pho Mama’s hours extend to three in the morning.

At any rate, a couple of weeks ago Pho Mama’s ended up being the choice for the Why Cook Wednesday’s Supper Club that I’m part of. I’m glad the invitation to this place came, because after a cou-ple of trips I know it will be a semi-regular place for me in the future.

Dining at Pho Mama’s

Pho Mama’s offers a wide range of Asian foods. My first trip, with the supper club, I went with the Vietnamese choices. After all if you have Pho in your name, you should probably have Pho in your game. Continue reading