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Winter Garden Restaurant 2211 McPhillips St

Winter Garden Restaurant is a Chinese food restaurant on McPhillips Street, not far from Seven Oaks hospital. Last year, with everything in lockdown, there was no family Christmas dinner. So, I wanted to find some way to enjoy a Christmas feast. When the lockdown cancelled Thanksgiving and birthday plans for me, I ordered in a feast from India Palace. Despite the lack of usual Christmas get togethers, most restaurants were stilled closed, even for take out. So, I did a…Continue readingWinter Garden Restaurant 2211 McPhillips St

Reviews and Such Chinese Restaurants

Singyun Chinese Restaurant – Provencher

I find myself going down Provencher Boulevard, both on foot and on bus, quite frequently. One restaurant that has often caught my eye is Singyun Chinese restaurant. Two things about it really catch the eye. The first is the exterior of the building which is a bright, lemon yellow, with signage that looks like it has seen much better days. The second is they advertise a lunch buffet, which for the longest time was $8.99 including a canned drink, but…Continue readingSingyun Chinese Restaurant – Provencher

Reviews and Such Chinese Restaurants Vietnamese

Binh An – Mixed Bag

Binh An is the third North Main restaurant that I visited first early in January. The other two were Modern Coffee and Newcastle Restaurant. Bihn An is located in a little strip mall just south of Main and Redwood. One aspect of Binh An that I like is that there is good bus service up to it. The 15, 18, and 20 routes all stop across the street. When you walk in the register is straight ahead of you, and to…Continue readingBinh An – Mixed Bag

Reviews and Such Restaurants Vietnamese

Pho Mama’s Noodle House

Sometimes I hear about a restaurant I should try, but don’t realize how close to me it actually is. Pho Mama’s Noodle House on McPhilip’s Street is one. I’ve had several friends comment on Pho Mama’s. Yet, somehow I’ve missed out on the fact that it just down the street from Lucky Supermarket. I guess I should have played closer attention. Especially since it’s open until 3 am and most restaurants in the area are closed by 10, or so…Continue readingPho Mama’s Noodle House