Reviews and Such Greek Restaurants

Rodos Greek-French Eatery

Rodos Review I find my schedule takes me in and through downtown on a regular basis. This means I can often make short detours on my trips to visit various restaurants in the area. The last couple of weeks I took the time and paid a couple of visits to Rodo’s French and Greek Eatery In Winnipeg Square. Winnipeg Square is one of those places that is slightly off my track, but doesn’t add to much time to my trips.…Continue readingRodos Greek-French Eatery

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Helios – Saint Mary’s Road

December 26, 2019 Update Christmas Day this year was one where there were no family events going on(we are dinner, etc., today). By the time I finish the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services, I’m not really up for preparing any food. I looked and noticed that Helios, a family Greek diner, not far from St. Philip’s is open on Christmas Day. So, after the building emptied out, I wandered down there for lunch. It was around quarter to two…Continue readingHelios – Saint Mary’s Road