Common Eating Fall Suppers

Spaghetti Dinner – Holy Rosary Church

Yesterday, while posting about the Holy Trinity fall supper, I mentioned that I would be finishing my weekend off by attending the Spaghetti Dinner at Holy Rosary Catholic Church. I was alerted to this dinner last year by Angie Boehm. She along with her husband Cory are parishioners at Holy Rosary. They’ve also shared a couple of dining adventures with me over the years. This dinner is a little bit different than some, in that it features a rolling service…Continue readingSpaghetti Dinner – Holy Rosary Church

Reviews and Such Restaurants

Old Spaghetti Factory – The Forks

The Old Spaghetti Factory is one of those places that I associate with things like childhood family dinners, and church youth group outings. In my mind The Old Spaghetti Factory belongs with places like Bonanza and Ponderosa. They were a cut above the typical restaurant that we would visit. Although if we wanted to go real high-end it would be Sir John’s in our local Eaton’s. *Located in the Johnston Terminal, Old Spaghetti Factory is accessible. I don’t know if…Continue readingOld Spaghetti Factory – The Forks

Reviews and Such Food

Konjac Spaghetti – Shirataki Rice

I was roaming through my local Safeway the other day. I happened to look towards the bottom of one of the pasta aisle shelves and noticed this new (to me) product. It’s called Konjac Spaghetti, by a company called nuPasta. Underneath the  company  name,  you  can  see that the product is referred to as the low calorie pasta. When I first picked up the box, the thing that confused me was the weight. It’s listed as 210 g. However, when…Continue readingKonjac Spaghetti – Shirataki Rice