Reviews and Such Restaurants

Le Garage Cafe – Provencher Avenue

Le Garage Cafe is my second, third wave, lockdown post. A couple of days ago I did a revisit of King’s Head Pub. This time around it’s Le Garage, a place I first paid a visit to, almost 8 and a half year’s ago. Like the King’s Head post, this one is based on a delivery experience. As you can see, if you read below, my style has changed over the years. original post For my meal, I ordered the…Continue readingLe Garage Cafe – Provencher Avenue

Community Restaurants Reviews and Such

Lunch Bell Bistro

There is a lot of change and transformation in Winnipeg. Often we focus on big splashy things like the SHED in downtown or what’s going on in West Broadway. Yet, generally with less fanfare, a lot of change is happening along Main Street. Much of this changed is designed to work with the existing community, not to simply transform the neighbour by pushing current residents away. In the last few days I received a couple of emails about a new…Continue readingLunch Bell Bistro

Restaurants Reviews and Such

Café 22 On Broadway

Café 22 Earlier this week I wrote about my life undergoing some changes (that post has since been removed).  I said at the time that I would be doing fewer restaurant reviews, but not eliminating them entirely.  At the top of my list to review are restaurants that I have already visited, but wished to give at least one more visit before reviewing.  Café 22 at 336 Broadway falls into this category.Technically the restaurant is Café 22/Pizza Hotline.  I have…Continue readingCafé 22 On Broadway