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Black Smoke by Adrian Miller – Review

Black Smoke:  African Americans and the United States of Barbecue, is the latest book from Adrian Miller, a former political policy adviser and current food writer and historian. Black Smoke details the role of black cooks and chefs in the development of barbecue, and how as barbecue has become a more global phenomenon, white chefs, businesses, and media have been erasing the role of blacks in the development and preservation of barbecue. Miller is a James Beard award winner, and worked as…Continue readingBlack Smoke by Adrian Miller – Review

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Mary Browns, Popeyes Chicken

Last year Winnipeg saw the arrival of two new chicken chains. Mary Browns Chicken’s & Taters, out of Virginia, via Newfoundland*, and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, out of Arabi, Louisiana. Being in the fast casual chicken business I figured that it might be interesting to review them in a compare and contrast style review.*I’ve since been informed that there has been a Mary Browns in the Transcona area of Winnipeg for a few years. I must admit that Popeyes had stayed…Continue readingMary Browns, Popeyes Chicken