Verde Juice Bar – Westminster Avenue

Verde Juice Bar is one of two new places on Westminster Avenue. I ended up there on my first visit, because Joy’s Tea which is next door was closed. The decor at Verde is the same as many of the newer restaurants opening. Lot’s of light wood, and wooden type sign boards and menu. Pleasant enough, but after awhile there seem little to distinguish one place from the next as far as appearance goes.

Menu on the table

Verde Juice Bar Table with Menu.

Verde Juice Bar for Beverages

My first trip to Verde I was meeting with my friends Graham MacFarlane and Aaron Peterson to discuss a pilot project for a Sunday Evening service at St. Philip’s. Arriving late in the afternoon we ordered drinks but no food. It was a little chilly that day, and I decided on a hot chocolate. I can’t remember what Aaron ordered, but Graham ordered the Pineapple Express smoothie, which he enjoyed. Continue reading


Freshii – Kenaston Village Mall

Freshii is a new fast/fresh food restaurant that has taken the restaurant biz by storm. Freshii has Winnipeg connections at it’s root, so it was only a matter of time before they showed up here.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I was working my way through a book by Lizzie Collingham called The Taste of War. I haven’t gotten around to doing my write up on it, but I did receive the chance to do a brief lecture which I entitled Citizenship and the Calorie. This lecture was for a course entitled Citizenship, Land, and Economy. The course is offered at Canadian Mennonite University and is taught by my friend James Magnus-Johnston. Continue reading

Smoothies of the So Cal Variety

So Cal Smoothies is now in Edmonton

Smoothies seem to be everywhere you look.  You can get them at McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s and of course there seems to be almost as Booster Juice outlets as there are Starbuck’s.  So it’s not surprising that smoothies have hit the streets and entered into the food truck scene.  One such entry here in Winnipeg is So Cal Smoothies.

If you’re not sure you are in the mood for a smoothies, the So Cal Smoothie van will quickly change you mind, covered with images that conjure up sun, sand and surf.  Of course, there is also lots of fruit pictured on the van as well.

I stopped by there the other day and these are my thoughts: Continue reading