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Pho Cuu Long Restaurant – 757 St. Mary’s Road

Pho Cuu Long is a Vietnamese restaurant that is located on St. Mary’s Road just north of Fermor Avenue. This is a restaurant that I end up at because nothing else was open, or, if open, was really full of people. I like to take my chances when I choose a restaurant. Often I will walk down a busy street such as St. Mary’s Road and see what new-to-me place I can find. Usually this works out really well. However,…Continue readingPho Cuu Long Restaurant – 757 St. Mary’s Road

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Double Greeting Chinese Snack House

Double Greeting Noodle Snack House is a small, Chinese restaurant, tucked away on McDermott Avenue. This means that it’s located just west of the Winnipeg’s Historic Exchange District. On top of that, it’s a little store front stuck in between a couple of larger office buildings. Double Greeting Hours Mon Closed Tue 11am – 6pm Wed 11am – 6pm Thu 11am – 6pm Fri 11am – 6pm Sat 11am – 6pm Sun 11am – 6pm You need to take note…Continue readingDouble Greeting Chinese Snack House