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ManyFest Meanderings

After a two-year Covid related hiatus, ManyFest was once again held this past weekend in downtown Winnipeg. first meanderings I missed the 2019 edition, so this weekend was my first time back since 2018. It also happened to be the first full weekend of my vacation. This meant I had time to visit on all three days of ManyFest. ManyFest features a variety of activities. There is a three-on-three basketball tournament. Live wrestling, live band karaoke, a broadcast of the…Continue readingManyFest Meanderings

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Simba Safari Grill

Simba Safari Grill is one of the trucks I visited when I went to the Red River Ex last month. Simba Safari Grill represents a new diversity on the Winnipeg food truck scene.  It’s owners are Kenyan and are bringing African cuisine to the streets. You’ll usually find them in the Tuxedo business park. A few years back I was involved with a group called FocusAfrica. This is a local group working to fight the ongoing AIDS crisis in Africa. …Continue readingSimba Safari Grill